Case record: guizhou a girl was killed in the home, on the wall dot like blood lock real murderer

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On April 21, 2013, a family member of the Public Security Bureau of Jinping County, Guizhou Province reported that his daughter had died tragically at home.Liu old man terrified, and the police said he found his daughter was killed.Liu said his daughter currently lives alone in a residence in the southern suburbs of the county, a three-story building that Liu himself helped build.That day, he went to his daughter’s house, can just open the door, feel unusually quiet, the atmosphere seems to be abnormal.Liu old man went to the bedroom leading to the third floor, actually saw blood on the corridor between the second floor and the third floor, can not help but let him have his daughter has encountered the idea of accident.Fearing for his daughter, he eagerly opened the bedroom door on the third floor, only to find that it had been locked from the inside.Liu had no choice but to enter the room by knocking on several pieces of the ceiling.Old Man Liu just put his head into the bedroom, the scene in front of him how also cannot accept.I saw my own daughter murdered, covered in blood, lying on the bed.He immediately went down from the third floor and collapsed on the floor, crying as he called the police.Received a report of the police immediately rushed to the scene, from the second floor to the third floor of the stairs, there are some blood, and have been deliberately dragged with a mop.There was a lot of blood at the door of the bedroom on the third floor. The door was locked from the inside. If you wanted to get inside, you had to adopt the same method as Liu.In order not to damage the scene, a police officer chose to go first to the bedroom and open the door from inside.When workers entered the site, they found signs of decay and that the body had been dead for a week.There were multiple sharp force wounds to the back, and he was attacked from behind.One of the fatal wounds was on the left side of the back, where the trauma struck the heart.The clothes of the deceased had been cut, and a close examination showed that the clothes had not been cut during life, but had been cut with a sharp instrument after death, as if to create the appearance of rape and murder.The blood in the bedroom was also swabbed, and there were no fingerprints from the killer, indicating that the killer had a strong sense of anti-detection.Police judge, if the bedroom is the first scene, the blood on the ground may not be so clean.The stairs to the third floor bedroom were also covered in blood, indicating that the killer followed the victim and stabbed him to death, then dragged him to the bed.The victim’s phone is no longer with him, so the killer should have taken it.The precious ornaments on the dead body are still there, so the murderer is not killing for money.After an autopsy, the forensic medical examiner did not find the murderer’s body fluids in the body, coupled with the clothing on the body of the deceased was cut after death, more confirm that the murderer has forged the scene signs.If the killer was able to follow the victim and go upstairs with her, maybe they knew each other.But how did the killer lock the door after the murder?Well, if he got in on the roof, then the killer knew the structure of the house.Liu old man says, actually the lock of daughter bedroom is quite special, also can lock the door inside outside, but outsider also should not know this.It is certain that the death of Liu’s daughter was committed by an acquaintance.While investigating the scene, the police made an important discovery. Although the floor of the room had been cleaned, they still found a dusty footprint on it.After comparison, this footprint is not Liu old man, from the pattern, like a kind of sportswear shoes, young people should be more like.There’s no blood on this shoe print, so two people working together?Look from the scene situation, criminal investigators judge is a crime.If it was a lone shooter, it’s possible the killer left and then went back inside.In order to find more traces of the killer inside, the police decided to use reagents to re-display the blood that had been cleaned on the floor.Unexpectedly, the experiment has great discovery unexpectedly, the edge of the building slowly shows a blood footprint that has not been carefully wiped.The odd thing is, this bloody footprint and the gray one, the pattern is different, could the killer really have returned to the scene after the crime?But the change of shoes in between doesn’t look easy to explain.Police launches investigation to the social relation of dead Liu Yan, the friend that according to Liu Yan reflects, Liu Yan dances hip-hop in Fujian before, the time that returns brocade screen to enter and exit entertainment place is more.In this way, Liu Yan’s social relations are more complex, bringing some difficulties to the case, the police need to narrow the scope of investigation and get more clues.The police moved the investigation direction back to the scene again, hoping to find a breakthrough in the two shoe prints.The investigation process is still not very smooth, there are too many two kinds of shoes on the market to obtain valuable clues.At this point, the technicians analyze the shoe prints and get some information about the suspect.The killer is about 23 years old, six feet tall, thin build, probably about 50 kilos.But we’re gonna need more than that to find the killer.Be in details of a case when doing nothing to show, careful spot criminal investigation personnel discovers again, lead to the wall edge of the corridor of 3 buildings, have dot form bloodstain, do not look like mop jilt go up.So, could this blood be from the time the killer was wounded?Police decided to check after may have a new discovery.The results shocked the police, this blood and Liu Yan has a relative relationship.According to Liu, when they were building their house, there was a conflict between the homestead and liu Yan’s fourth uncle’s family, and they even got into a fight, and the fourth uncle’s family was next door to the building.The police decided to collect blood samples from Liu yan’s family and bring them back to the laboratory for testing.In addition to Liu Yan four uncle home son Liu Zeming is to work in Xi ‘an, Liu Yan’s four uncle and four aunts have cooperated with the investigation.The test results showed that the degree of blood and liu Yan’s fourth uncle and aunt coincide in 50%, that is to say, Liu Yan’s fourth uncle’s son, is suspected of committing major crimes.The police immediately sent someone to Xi ‘an, Liu Zeming captured and brought to the police station for questioning.To further confirm liu Zeming’s suspected crime, the police also collected liu Zeming’s blood sample for testing, the results showed a complete match.In front of strong evidence, Liu Zeming admits the fact that he killed Liu Yan because of homestead dispute.As for why there are two shoe prints with different patterns at the scene, he found his mobile phone left in the bedroom after cleaning the scene, and then returned to retrieve it.Lu Yaping lawyer opinion Liu Zeming intentionally and illegally deprived others of life, its behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide, according to the provisions of the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China” article 232, Sentenced to death Liu Zeming.What make everybody did not think of is, the murderer that kills Liu Yan, be his cousin actually.In the countryside, this kind of conflict caused by land occupation is not rare, so that the relationship between relatives become indifferent also occurs.No matter what, the hatred between relatives should not rise to the point of taking another’s life.