What makes Kunshan the “watershed” between Suzhou and Shanghai?

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As the epidemic situation in Shanghai is at a critical stage, Kunshan, Jiangsu province, has adopted a state of silence. In view of the emergence of asymptomatic cases, the city has extended the silence period for four days to quietly fulfill the mission of “everyone is responsible” with a way of “slow life”.Kunshan has long been regarded as an “enclave” of Shanghai. It is located between Shanghai and Suzhou. It borders Jiading and Qingpu districts of Shanghai in the south and southeast, and borders Wujiang and Suzhou in the west.Interactive closely, kunshan and Shanghai and suzhou city seamless docking, and regional lack of depth, 33 km from the biggest thing, the north and the south is only 48 km, of which 931 square kilometers of land, a quarter is the surface of the water, three-quarters of the remaining land, concentrated the millionaire population, visible control and prevention of severe complex situation.Kunshan was established as a city in 1989, and has long been regarded as the window and name card of Suzhou. Kunshan’s intangible cultural heritage kunqu, Water town Zhouzhuang and Yangcheng Lake hairy crab are three international name cards of Kunshan, and have long played the role of Shanghai’s leisure garden.At present, everything in Kunshan’s epidemic prevention and control is under control. The whole city acts in accordance with the call and orders to guard the “east gate” of Epidemic prevention and control in Jiangsu province.Kunshan’s economic strength determines that it can serve as a “watershed” for the epidemic in Jiangsu and Shanghai.Over the past three years, Kunshan has always been ready to “win a battle against a certain scale of epidemics”, keeping its command system active, and its economy has continued to improve in response to the challenges of the epidemic.Kunshan has turned the crisis of the epidemic into an opportunity for development in the three consecutive years of epidemic prevention and control. Its comprehensive strength has ranked first among the top 100 counties and cities in China for 17 consecutive years.In 2021, the GDP of the region will reach 470 billion yuan, 1.5 times that of five years ago. Among them, the total retail sales of consumer goods will reach 693.9 billion yuan, exceeding the total of the previous decade.Kunshan’s industrial characteristics make it a watershed for the epidemic in Jiangsu and Shanghai.Small Kunshan, big Realm, millions of people are basically elite, the total talent resources of 485,000 people.Last year alone, Kunshan added 20 domestic and foreign listed enterprises, a total of 40. Currently, Kunshan Development Zone ranks firmly in the top 5 in China, and the national ranking of high-tech zone has jumped 24 places in five years.Since the epidemic prevention and control, kunshan relying on big data management, disease resistance, precise control of science, “a gallery a garden, a Hong Kong” shape, normalized epidemic prevention and control effectively and orderly, can be said to be the prevention and control and scientific research, to improve of whole society research and development spending last year accounted to 3.9%, and become the country’s first breakthrough one trillion yuan worth of deposit and lending of county-level cities.All these fully show that Kunshan is still and deep water is flowing. The economy here does not depend on selling embroidery in a group, but does scientific research alone in the office or manages financial affairs on the Internet. Compared with individuals, there is not much interaction.Kunshan can serve as a watershed for the epidemic in Jiangsu and Shanghai.Shanghai situation is serious, kunshan naturally need to build a wall, can not be careless.After all, just because of geography, Kunshan cannot escape from the circle. Shanghai-nanjing High-speed high-tech Zone has been opened to traffic, and bus lines adjacent to Shanghai-Suzhou-Kunming have been fully connected, making the regional connection as one.In contrast, Kunshan’s approach is very technical and scientific.At present, Kunshan has improved its emergency response capabilities such as nucleic acid testing, flow tracing and centralized quarantine, and introduced innovative measures such as “Free Travel” smart gateways, prefabricated isolation sites, and “drug purchase registration” mini procedures to further strengthen the network of epidemic prevention and control.Kunshan has been interacting with Shanghai for a long time, but it does not have much dependence on Shanghai. In addition, Kunshan actively serves The overall situation of Shanghai’s fight against COVID-19. In recent years, it has transported a total of 97,000 inbound people to Jiangsu through Shanghai ports, achieving “zero accidents, zero infection and zero spread”.This shows that Kunshan has the model and the ability to prevent and control any possible spillover from Shanghai.Kunshan has found a unique “Kunshan road” in the whole country. The key to its success is “seizing opportunities in the midst of crisis”. It always makes plans and moves in response to the situation, develops opportunities in the midst of crisis, opens a new bureau in a changing situation, and counterbalances the uncertainties of the external environment with the certainty of its own development.Relatively speaking, the epidemic situation in Shanghai is more severe than before, and Kunshan needs to continue to adjust and cope with the situation in silence. In the normal epidemic prevention and control, kunshan needs to find a better path and come up with a more reliable prevention and control plan for “Water town in the South of the Yangtze River”.Come on, Kunshan.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the western Wei dynasty