Both black boxes have been found. When will the investigation of the accident come to a conclusion?Experts read

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Beijing, March 27 (Xinhua) — The second black box from the “March 21” MU5735 flight accident was safely delivered to Beijing at 16:20 on March 27 and immediately sent to professional institutions for follow-up treatment.At around 9:20 this morning, fire and rescue personnel searched in depth in the key area designated by the technical team, and manually excavated an orange cylindrical object, which was immediately removed after being discovered by the civil aviation accident investigators on the scene and identified as a storage unit for the flight data recorder.It was found on the slope about 40 meters east of the main impact site and about 1.5 meters below the surface.After examination, other parts of the recorder are seriously damaged, and the appearance of the data storage unit is relatively intact.There are two black boxes on board the MU5735, the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder.Earlier, the cockpit voice recorder was found in the afternoon of The 23rd.Data from the two black boxes will be particularly important to the investigation.Wang Yanan, editor-in-chief of Aviation Knowledge and an aviation expert at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, introduced that, first of all, the voice data collection can restore the feedback of the pilot’s flight status at that time and communicate some control intentions in time.Secondly, the second black box can reproduce the technical status and flight status of the aircraft from the point of view of data.”Taken together, the data from the two black boxes can be used to determine whether the pilots’ assessment of the flight at the time was factual, whether their intention to conduct the flight was carried out, and whether that intention was reflected in the flight attitude.”Wang yanan said.Relevant regulations: The preliminary investigation report should be submitted within 30 days of the accident both black boxes have been found, when will the accident investigation be concluded?Mao Yanfeng, director of the center for the civil aviation accident investigation, investigators need to turn the recorder data, and evidence of crime scene investigation unit, air traffic control radar data, and the air traffic control unit of air-ground calls, aircraft and ground data link transmission information, interview witnesses, etc, and to make a comprehensive analysis, can be more objective and accurate analysis of the cause of the accident.There are three common scenarios for logger data download: first, the logger is not damaged at all;Second, the recorder is damaged, but the state of the data storage unit is intact;Third, memory chips are damaged.According to relevant provisions of the International Civil Aviation Convention, preliminary reports should be sent to relevant countries and international CIVIL Aviation organizations within 30 days of the incident and should be sent in icAO’s working languages, including Chinese and English, MAO said.According to China’s civil aviation regulations, the Civil Aviation Administration should submit a preliminary investigation report to THE INTERNATIONAL Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) within 30 days after the accident.The investigation team will carry out the accident investigation in accordance with the relevant requirements of the above-mentioned domestic regulations and international conventions.Source: Beijing Daily Process editor: TF019