Hip pain and leg numbness. Is that the lumbago?Doctor: It may have something to do with this muscle

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“Doctor, the pain in the buttocks, and even numbness in the lower extremities, is it caused by the disc herniation in the back?”Not long ago met a patient, according to his description when walking, found that the whole hip has “burning feeling” pain, serious claudication, squatting toilet butt pain, lower limb numbness.Went to outside courtyard patted MRI to have a problem without hint lumbar intervertebral disc, thinking about the treatment that does some of waist to alleviate a symptom, also failed to get improve, how is to return a responsibility after all?In fact, in addition to the well-known lumbar disc herniation, there is another common cause of hip pain, leg numbness and symptoms – piriformis syndrome.What is piriformis syndrome?The piriformis is a muscle deep in the gluteal region that causes the hip joint to roll outward and the pelvis to tilt backward.When the piriformis muscle injury, causing local edema congestion, inflammation, spasm easy to cause mechanical compression of the sciatic nerve, resulting in pain in the affected side of the buttocks, accompanied by lower limb radiation pain, severe cases will also affect the normal life.The incidence of this disease is relatively common and usually occurs in middle-aged women.How to identify piriformis syndrome?1. Straight leg elevation test: pain occurs before 60° of straight leg elevation, and relieves after 60°, indicating piriformis syndrome.2. Piriformis tension test: the patient lies on the bed in supine position, unbend the affected limb, do adduction internal rotation action, such as sciatic nerve radiation pain, and then quickly abduction of the affected limb external rotation, the pain was immediately relieved, that is, the piriformis tension test positive;You can also lie on your side with the affected limb on top.3. Pace test: The patient was in a sitting and standing position, with both hands outside the knee, and the hip was given abduction and external rotation. Patients with weakened muscle strength and increased pain were considered positive.How is piriformis muscle syndrome treated?1. Manipulation can loosen piriformis muscle, lower limb nerve loosening, piriformis MET.2. Local sealing, physiotherapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, oral drug treatment can be carried out without manipulation.Family exercise method Foam axis release: put the foam axis under the hip, legs flexion, two hands on the back of the body support, the affected side of the leg up on the healthy side of the leg, the center of gravity on the affected side of the ass, move back and forth to find the pain point release, do 3-5 groups, 30 seconds each group.Lower limb nerve loosening: patients lying on the bed, the affected side holding the thigh flexion hip bending knee hook instep, and then unbend the calf instep unbend, return, do 3-5 groups, each group of 10.Self piriformis muscle stretching: the patient sits in a standing position, the affected side of the thigh raises its feet, the affected side of the replacement joint is placed on the healthy side of the knee, the affected side of the thigh is parallel to the ground as far as possible, the waist and back are straight and the hip is bent, the center of gravity is placed on the affected side, 3-5 groups, 30 seconds for each group.Piriformis syndrome and lumbar disc herniation symptoms are very similar, can not be blindly treated, to learn to distinguish, appropriate medicine;When there is obvious pain and discomfort, it is best to go to the hospital for further examination and treatment.# Rumor zero Project # @Toutiao  @Toutiao Health  @Toutiao Health Intelligence Bureau