“Proud Jiao teacher zun’s playbook” ancient pure love, want to take hold proud Jiao master, can’t follow him

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If you don’t have enough books recently, you will be happy to see here. The veteran bookworm D Bao is here with three fantastic novels.Like must collect, in case you get lost later!Today D treasure recommend to you: “proud jiao teacher zun’s playbook” ancient pure love, want to take hold proud Jiao master, can’t follow his first “blind Shi” author: Micro minister despicable introduction: it is said that many years ago north dark small king wen ren division is a habit of broken sleeve spoonful kind.For a blind man – Bai Yin, they left the throne, both away.Pit guide: “Gee!Lord Sun?”Liu Qingshou obviously recognized the identity of Sun Jian at a glance, but it was slightly sideways, blunt he did not leak traces to smile slightly, “medicine again?”Sun Jian slight nod, he seems to know Liu Qingshou deliberately with him play tai chi, then slightly meditated for a while, um 1, the head involuntarily turned to where the White Yin.As for this hospital, it was always for the royal family.But since he had heard of Shadenky, in recognition of his exploits, he had granted two more people the royal treatment.One of them was Bai Yin, and the other was Sun Fuxiu, sun Yan, now the prime minister of Northern Ming.Fortunately, sun Jian is his sun Fuxiu family’s eldest son.As the saying goes, a dog and a chicken will rise to heaven.That son of mine came to grab a pill, and no one felt bad about it.Therefore, Bai Yin was not surprised to meet him at the gate of the Tai Hospital, but bai Yin did not speak, only nodded his head to him, to say hello.(click below free reading) the second “proud jiao teacher honor’s raider notes” author: fourteen (” proud jiao teacher honor’s raider notes “ancient pure love, want to take hold proud jiao master, cannot follow him) introduce:” the master go to which apprentice son go to which, let apprentice son follow the master.””Uh huh?Catch up with the original say again!”In fact, the heart stomach fei, do not hurry up to catch up!Into the pit guide: Ye Qingtian walk after jiang Mu went to find often white, didnt walk a few steps in a towering willow to meet him.That is a piece of oneself in the familiar face however, but that piece by the heart and hair of sadness let Jiang Mu involuntarily stopped footsteps.Jiang Mu a clenched fist, or walk.”That woman have what good, coquettish that kind, surely not what good person, teacher why you so!”Jiang Mu is close to at the moment, he finally turn in an eye, hot eyes stare at him.Next second, although Jiang Mu is ready, but still by often white pressure under the body.His collar is often white clutched in the hand, often white whole person deceiving up.But River mu is not angry turn over smile, eye inside Chen is worn a hint of ponder.”Master, you want to execute me on the spot!”Often white facial expression changes, that one fist is to fall down after all.’Why do you say that? On what grounds!That’s the woman you hold in your heart, even if you spend your whole life doing it.But now this do not know the lofty boy unexpectedly dare to gu Mian month so rude, often white how to endure!Jiang Mu eyes watched the often white flame hit him again and again, he often hit him in vain.It is natural for a master to beat his apprentice.But his spirit is often white this pair of hopeless and willing to bow for the woman.This man is a divine being, worthy of the respect of all.That woman who is she?!(click below to read for free) the third “reborn bootlicker Legitimate son” author: solution also ding introduction: once daliang head assistant Gu Fan double, now become bootlicker, do evil things for love him, cheat all the people of the world, but in the end most want to his death, turned out to be his love!Into the pit guide: actually in zhang Yiyao’s heart the world for him not more than, this dynasty hall but is to seize power of the intrigutive land, prince in his eyes but he is a chess piece, as long as he is willing to anyone can be he seize power of chess pieces, even including his own.”Where is the prince staying?””Asked the prince quietly.”Although I am daliang people but have been living alone outside the city, now is in urgent need of this view before returning to the State of Daliang.”As soon as Zhang Yiyao finished his speech, zhang Chenyi, who was excited, said, “If Childe Gu Yao doesn’t mind and can live in zhang Mansion, my father will welcome you very much!”In zhang Chen Yi’s heart plan in any case also should with this’ Gu Yao ‘become a friend, come so not only the prince can look at him with new eyes, father is certain happy, arrive at that time Zhang Chen qi this smelly boy certain gas half dead.See him on weekdays so arrogant to himself, by their own trust by the King of Liang did not put me in the eyes of this when the eldest brother.Zhang Yiyao looked at Zhang Chen-yi and saw his big brother’s evil mind early in his heart. He said, “He just wants to use himself to fight for power. At present, if he needs it, he will bend his head and follow your heart.”Thank you zhang Childe, in the countryside wild man is not used to live in a big house.”Zhang Yiyao politely declined the way.(Click below to read for free) The novel has been shared, do you think it is ok?Please let D Bao know in the comments section. Looking forward to your comments.