The garden has ivy flowers, don’t miss it!Known as “the first incense in the world”, touch earth to live

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When I was a child, I always lived in the countryside. Although I thought life was very hard at that time, now I find that there are still a lot of fun.Such as: every time and flower friends talk about some wild vegetables and weeds, they have not seen, and I have picked a long time ago…….Of course, living in the city today, although not as before, with a huge courtyard, free running garden.However, growing flowers and grass in a small yard is still quite interesting!Many people who have just come into contact with flowers and plants do not know: what kind of plants in the garden to grow the most beautiful and the most worry, the cost is low?Many people may be limited to these conditions, feel the most in line with its requirements of the plant, only climbing vine Rose.In fact, it’s not.The article to introduce the protagonist: sweet rosewood incense!Sweet rosewood incense, known as “the best incense in the world”, with earth to live!In addition, it is worthy of the name of the “flowering model.”After all, if you live in a city or place where it’s warm all year round, sweet rosewood can blossom all year round.Of course, if you live in a cooler place, naturally, the sweet rosewood fragrance will bloom for a much shorter time.The flowering period of this plant is long, the amount of flowers is large, and the flowers are rich, with it, the home has been sending out fragrance, the province to buy perfume or incense money.In addition, its buds or flowers that have not fully opened can be picked and dried to make dried flower sachets.This plant is very adaptable to life.But yard planting, still need to pay more attention to the change of soil quality and topdressing and watering.In general, sweet rosewood incense due to the annual winter temperature below 10 degrees Celsius when the year’s branches will decay, fall.Therefore, at this point, we need to prune it all away in time, leaving only the perennial woody trunk.The reason for pruning all the side branches: the natural environment temperature is low, and the nutrients synthesized by the branches and leaves through photosynthesis are not enough for the metabolism of the branches and leaves themselves, and their existence is harmful to the trunk.In addition, when the sweet rosewood fragrance is planted in the ground, because the soil surrounding the roots has been consumed by the plant, the organic matter in it will gradually decrease without timely replenishing, and the phenomenon of caking will occur, which inhibits root respiration.Therefore, in the annual autumn and winter phase of the additional organic fertilizer, all should not exist in the emaciated branches and leaves pruning off, it should be near the root cover a layer of ripe pine needles and chopped willow bark, etc..In addition, due to the sweet rosewood fragrance, the number of flowers every year is very large.Therefore, during the family planting period of sweet rosewood incense, daily fertilization is necessary, and the rule of “frequent application of thin fertilizer” should always be implemented.Because the environment of sweet rosewood fragrance is suitable for it to be in the state of flowering all the time, and many branches and leaves will be derived at the same time, so even if sweet rosewood fragrance is in the state of flowering, we add special fertilizer to promote the differentiation and development of flower buds.Suggestion: Use huayuduo 2.(Unlike the familiar flowering fertilizer potassium dihydrogen phosphate, it contains only phosphorus and potassium, which can only promote the development of flower buds, but not the photosynthetic needs of leaves and branches.)In addition, because the root of sweet rosewood is directly connected to the earth, so no amount of water will not be like potted plants, water rot.Therefore, in the matter of watering, we can be capricious, only need to deliberately avoid the stage of high temperature, will not cause irreversible damage to the plant.The general hot summer temperature is higher than 30 degrees, when the sun is direct to the root;In the cold winter, when the temperature approaches 5 degrees, you should not water.In both cases, watering sweet rosewood is bound to damage the roots.Suggestion: Spring, summer and fall in the morning or evening watering, cold winter in the relatively warm noon stage, while taking advantage of direct sunlight to water.At the same time during watering, also need to be careful not to stimulate hot and cold sweet rosewood fragrance.Tap water must be dried in advance for a period of time to make the water temperature close to the natural environment.And in the spring and autumn period, when the sweet rosewood fragrance is at its peak, many people will choose to prune away the parallel and cross branches in order to produce more flowers.If you trim it off, don’t waste it!To cuttage seedlings, practice and experience more fun, how good!Summary: take care of the daily sweet mahogany incense place is introduced here!In addition, if possible, try to guide the branches and leaves to grow on the wall or the gauze we build for them to grow, so that the branches and leaves “spread out”, each other more light, thrive, for more beautiful flowers to lay a solid foundation.For such a beautiful flower sweet mahogany fragrance, do you think it is worth planting?Take a stand in the comments section below!