The story of my life

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Everything in the world has two sides.Different people must have different understanding, different perception and different growth.I was born in 1950, so I remember all the domestic sports.The most lively sports cultivate me to develop the habit of independent thinking, can keep calm and rational, objective analysis of things, never dance with the wind.Sixteen or seventeen years of age, very few people do not get bound, and I was a happy party!Seventy-two years old, can still keep on living, learning, thinking, understanding.A few years ago, an incomplete poem can still agonize for two or three hours, until satisfied.This is due to the professional ethics of “limit yourself to perfection”, formed the habit.The influence of traditional Chinese culture on me has gone deep into my bone marrow.And their own life, deeply felt its strong vitality.Someone told me last year that you get six or seven chances in life.I look back on how much of my life, especially my career, has been achieved through seven opportunities at different stages of my life.It has realized the pursuit of moving from rural to urban, from labor to management, from working people’s family to intellectual family.The reform and opening-up policy has enabled me to exert my potential and accumulate funds for training international students from world-renowned universities at my own expense.It started with a gratuitous help to a friend and a friend.A park exercise, got to know the CCTV reporter, was invited to CCTV and ah Qiu host to complete a program, realized the last CCTV expectations.In yuquanying painting and calligraphy market, I got to know four talents in the central government, eight winners of The Chinese news Prize, fan Changjiang news prize winner, and brother Zhu Haiyan.I became interested in writing, and a nine-thousand-word essay was put into type.After several years of efforts, the completion of 350,000 to 60,000 words “idle wild Cloud return” draft, will be released soon.Jinghua Drunk Guest