Handan Fuxing District: seven greening projects will be implemented in spring to plant 4,300 mu of trees

2022-07-20 0 By

Handan Fuxing District social organizations and young volunteers volunteer to plant trees on 2672 Street.Shijiazhuang, March 12 (People’s Daily Online by Wang Shen) In order to speed up the construction of a modern ecological new city, in spring 2022, The Revival District of Handan city will follow the greening ideas of “digging potential, increasing quality, grasping improvement, promoting effect, and strengthening management and protection”.(neighborhood) greening, urban, rural revitalization of the demonstration village (courtyard) greening area greening, greening, developing characteristic planting base of lakes, trees curing and degradation of forest restoration, regional greening to focus on increasing greening projects, such as afforestation, the degradation of forest restoration plan of 4300 mu, building “point, line, face” with the combination of vertical greening network.It is understood that the spring greening of Fuxing District adheres to the principle of “forest when appropriate, grass when appropriate, flower when appropriate, medicine when appropriate”, focusing on building donggaohe rural revitalization demonstration area, preparing for the first rape Flower Festival, building multi-tree species, multi-color, multi-level earth ecological landscape;Focus on the establishment of more than five provincial-level forest villages;Focus on promoting yingu aromatic Industrial Park, Yuanbao Maple base, Runzheng Agricultural Chinese Herbal Medicine Base, Kanghu Rose planting base, native plants research base and other industrial projects, to promote the formation of a good situation of ecological benefits, economic benefits, social benefits.(Yang Wenjuan, Chen Chao)