Health Care free Screening Project: To provide people with whole-cycle life health services

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The practical matters concerning the people’s livelihood of the municipal government are the matters that are most concerned, most expected and most urgently needed by the people selected every year, in order to make the achievements of reform and development more benefit the people of the city.Then, have the practical matters concerning people’s livelihood in the past year been implemented and everything has been effective?Are the masses satisfied?The Omnimedia News Center has launched a series of reports entitled “People’s Livelihood Matters please review”.In order to further enhance people’s health and well-being, and effectively improve people’s sense of happiness and gain, the health care free screening project is included in the 2021 Municipal Government livelihood Practical project.Today, we are going to focus on the completion of this project.Feng Shuting said, “TODAY I came to Jiaxing Women’s Health Care Hospital for a check-up. I just had a 3D examination and found the baby is healthy.I’ve heard it’s difficult to make an appointment, but now it’s cheaper and more convenient, so it’s a great boon for us.”The three-dimensional examination Feng is referring to is one of the free screening programs for health care – fetal system ultrasound.According to clinical data, about 80% of fetal defects can be detected by ultrasound examination.Previously, jiaxing had nine birth defect prevention programs paid for by the government, but most of them were carried out through laboratory tests, leaving ultrasonography as a blank area.In order to further improve the prevention and control measures of birth defects, improve the prevention and control system of birth defects, and effectively reduce the incidence of birth defects, the municipal Government’s Livelihood Practical Project implemented in 2021 fills the gap in this ultrasonic examination project.Zhang Yue, deputy director of the Department of Population, Family and Maternal and Child Health of Jiaxing Municipal Health Commission, said:”We are from the city’s 17 midwifery agencies, screening the 13 as the project sites, not only to the project sites and ultrasound examination, head of the unified training for personnel, also organize experts to project sites agencies conduct regular supervision, at the same time, we set up a green channel, for screening out pregnant women need to do further inspection or diagnosis, open the green channel.”In addition, the Care Health free screening program also includes screening for prostate cancer in men.In 2020, prostate cancer ranked third among male malignant tumors in Jiaxing.Prostate cancer can be detected early and the burden of early treatment is light. Therefore, in 2021, Free prostate cancer screening for men over 60 years old has been listed in jiaxing as a practical project for people’s livelihood.Lu Liping, deputy director of the medical administration department of jiaxing Health Commission, said, “Combining prostate cancer screening with our physical examination, especially for those over 60 years old, can improve the efficiency of screening.At the same time, we also take the initiative to provide door-to-door services, some elderly people may have mobility difficulties, we will carry out the corresponding screening samples.”Reporter’s Note: According to the target tasks, in 2021, the city will carry out free prostate cancer screening for 320,000 male residents over the age of 60, and free fetal ultrasound examination for about 30,000 pregnant women in the city.In 2021, a total of 31,100 pregnant women in The city enjoyed free fetal system ultrasound examination, with a target completion rate of 103.67%.In 2021, the total number of live births in the city was 33,800, or more than 92 percent of pregnant women were beneficiaries of the program.By November 30, 2021, 332,357 men aged 60 and above had received free prostate cancer screening, with a completion rate of 103.9 percent.Screening confirmed 1453 prostate cancer patients, all of whom were referred for further treatment.The free health care screening program is not only an effective means to realize early detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, but also can provide people with all-round, full-cycle life health services.All media news center reporter Gu Mengqing