I can’t have you not knowing about this productivity tool!12 super practical Quicker moves to share

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What is a QuickerQuicker?In simple terms, Quicker is a quick start software, similar to the early sound start, Rolan and so on.But compared to this simple quick start, Quicker has too much innovation, especially the built-in action instructions, can replace most of the commonly used software.From my first contact, Quicker became an essential part of my system.In this article, WE share ten common personal moves to make sure you get what you want.What is the action of the first contact of a friend may not understand the meaning of “action” in Quicker.Personally, actions are similar to “button sprites”, which integrate multiple steps or functions into one command and trigger with one button.However, the action is quite troublesome to edit, played the key wizard all know, so we are generally direct use of others edit instructions.Quicker advantage is that there is a huge library of action, we only need to copy the action inside can complete the relevant operation.The advantage of using actions is that you don’t need to install separate software or memorize awkward commands yourself.The system is clean and refreshing, and it is pleasant to use.Using these actions is also easy, click on the actions page, and then call the Quicker panel, in the blank.Image compression content creators love, on a function, in the case of not changing the resolution of the original picture, as far as possible to compress the volume of the original picture, the compression rate is adjustable, the general default.Advantages depend on the file is only 1.2 M, very small don’t change the image resolution, nearly lossless image compression rate is very high (about 70%, depending on the picture) automatically download dependence, no perception, out-of-the-box support batch zip compression speed support PNG files, keep the transparency of information compressed file size compared to capture screenshots class action is the most,OCR screenshots can intelligently recognize text after screenshots, and support typesetting, translation, search, natural language processing and other operations.Support Chinese, English, Japan, Korea and other 20 languages, forms, bills, cards and other 30 types of text.You can take snapshots in a single shot, consecutive shots, and mixed shots.EVER screenshot is also a screenshot software, which can be displayed on the desktop, saved, OCR recognition, translation, etc., and can also choose different search engines to search for pictures.Quick reply Some sites need to reply to see hidden content, this action is a function, generate random reply content, quick reply.Copy path Select the file directly obtain the absolute path or file name, and write to the clipboard.Super clipboard Windows can only copy and paste once, this logic is estimated that many people are joking, the solution is to install third-party software.This action can be replicated continuously, without installing any software, just by copying the code.We can use page translation when browsing the web, but we can only use third-party translation tools when viewing text or using software.Short translation is a lightweight translation action, select the text to translate directly, the default translation using free Google API, temporary translation is very easy to use.Image Splicing Splices multiple images into one image, with vertical and horizontal long screenshots optional.Compared to jigsaw software, this action is too simple, but it is easy to use temporarily, and there is no need to install a separate third-party software.System Toolbox quickly opens system Settings, super practical action, no one.Quick split screen More and more friends use a large screen display, this action can quickly open the desktop (not minimized or hidden) window quickly clean split screen.Advanced renaming There are many renaming tools, but most of them are stand-alone software.This action is simple, but it satisfies our need to rename the file.If, like me, you have a habit of keeping frequently used files on your desktop and hate having too many files on your desktop, try this.This action is very simple and serves as a purpose to hide/show desktop ICONS, reducing the built-in right-click-view-show desktop ICONS to a single click.Summary Quicker itself is a free software, but compared to the paid user function has a little degree of reduction, the two contrast the following personal advice: if you do not have too exaggerated demand, the free version is enough to use.For example, I have been a free user for so many years, but because it is comfortable to use, SO I have been using Amway to friends around, this article is also based on this reason to share with you.I am zhao Hua Yu, an idle person who likes to share the fun of life.Writing is not easy, code word is difficult.If my article can gain your recognition, I hope you can help me to like, favorites and leave a message below, your interaction is the power of my writing.Thanks to all of you for reading this. 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