What about the “aphasia” that afflicts Hollywood stars?

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The family of Hollywood actor Bruce Willis has announced that he is suffering from aphasia.Aphasia is an acquired language communication disorder characterized by reduced or even lost abilities in language expression, comprehension, retelling, reading, writing and naming.Aphasia is associated with damage to the language centers of the brain.The language center includes motor language center, sensory language center, writing center, naming center and so on, which respectively control the ability of speaking, listening and understanding, writing, naming, and recognizing characters and symbols.”There are differences in aphasia due to different sites of speech center injury.”Peking University first hospital neurology chief physician Sun Yongan said.The common cause of language center damage is brain atrophy or brain injury.Brain atrophy includes neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and primary progressive aphasia;Brain injury includes cerebrovascular disease, brain tumor, brain trauma and so on.In addition, metabolic diseases such as hepatic encephalopathy or diseases such as encephalitis may also damage the language center and cause aphasia.”Statistics show that about one-third of patients with cerebrovascular disease have language dysfunction.”Sun Yongan said.Qin Qi, an attending physician in the department of neurology at Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, said that clinically, common types of aphasia include motor aphasia, in which patients can understand speech and pronounce words, but do not speak coherently;Sensory aphasia patients can speak and hear, but do not answer the question, the use of words and grammar disorders;Dyslexia patients have normal vision and can recognize words, but they cannot read or understand;Nomenclative aphasia can see things, but cannot name them;Semantic aphasia patients have trouble understanding words.The core features of non-fluent aphasia patients are difficulty speaking and mispronunciation.How is aphasia diagnosed?Sun said, first according to the clinical symptoms for a preliminary judgment, followed by aphasia screening scale to assess the degree of aphasia patients.After judgment based on symptoms and scales, mri and other related examinations were used to find out the cause of the patient and determine the location of the brain lesions, and then the treatment stage was entered.Qin Qi introduced, aphasia treatment includes two aspects: one is etiological treatment, that is, for the cause of aphasia treatment;The second is symptomatic treatment, that is, the treatment of aphasia symptoms.Language rehabilitation training, namely through speaking, listening, writing, reading and other aspects of training can help patients recover language function.In addition, neuroregulatory treatments including direct current stimulation and Schuell stimulation therapy for aphasia are also used in the treatment of aphasia.”The treatment of aphasia is complicated and can not be completed in one or two days. It requires the patience of caregivers.”Sun Yongan said.Source: Science and Technology Daily