Yangkou Village in Shuangquan: Traditional Chinese medicine “grows” a well-off life

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Every family is a medicine farmer.Longxi is one of the main production areas of genuine Chinese medicinal materials, known as “millennium medicine town” and “Chinese medicine capital”.Today, let us follow the reporter’s lens to shuangquan Town yangkou village to have a look, listen to the villagers there and the story of Chinese medicine.Although the temperature was low, the weather was fine.Zhang Fuqiang, a villager in Yangkou Village, is drying Chinese herbs.He told reporters that there are two college students studying in other places, elderly parents, family expenditure.He began to try to do the primary processing and trafficking of Chinese medicinal materials when he saw that there were more medicinal plants in the surrounding villages.Today, his family’s life has changed dramatically.Longxi County Shuangquan town yangkou village villagers Zhang Fuqiang said: “a year mainly with medicinal materials to deal with, trafficking, primary processing, and then all the year round on the collection of fresh goods, after the collection of fresh goods to dry, dry, and then trafficking to shouyang market, Weiyuan market for sales, earn more than 100,000 yuan.”Yang Yongjun, a villager, cannot go out to work because he is too old and frail. Now he spends his days with Chinese medicinal materials. He has long memorized how to plant different medicinal materials and is also an expert in distinguishing good medicinal materials from bad ones.Yang Yongjun, a villager from Yangkou Village, Shuangquan Town, Longxi County, said: “Planting three or four mu of medicinal seedlings, such as Scuqin, Dangshen, Guan Fengfeng and Astragalus membranaceus, can cost up to 10,000 yuan per mu of land. Indeed, it has brought a lot of sweet to the local people.”Approaching the villagers Yue Yongze drying medicine site, a smell of medicine, husband and wife are working among them, happiness filled with face.They not only grow their own medicine, but also carry out the purchase and sale of Chinese medicinal materials, the day is more prosperous.Yue Yongze, a villager from Yangkou Village, Shuangquan town, Longxi County, said: “I have collected some fresh sole labors in this area of Weiyuan Road Garden. The price this year is 3 yuan per kilogram, and I have collected more than 30 tons. After drying, there should be about 10 tons, and the market difference is about 6 or 7 yuan, and I can earn 60,000 to 70,000 yuan.Shuangquan town is a typical loess mound and valley landform, with abundant rain and sunshine all year round. It is suitable for the breeding and planting of Chinese medicinal materials such as astragalus membranaceus, Scutellaria baicalensis, Dangshen and Guan Fengfeng.In recent years, relying on the construction of the standardized Base of Chinese herbal medicine in the whole county, the town has built a green standardized seed and seedling breeding base of 300 mu in Yangkou Village, and implemented the standardized planting of Chinese herbal medicine for 260 households and 1,500 mu of industrial supporting projects.In Hujiamen village, 500 mu of seed and seedling breeding bases for Chinese medicinal materials, mainly scutellaria baicalensis and Astragalus membranaceus, were established respectively, and more than 2,000 mu of Chinese medicinal materials were planted by surrounding farmers.At present, the town has a total of more than 2,400 farmers planting about 20,000 mu of Chinese medicinal materials, annual income of more than 60 million yuan, household average income of more than 25,000 yuan.With the expansion of Chinese herbal medicine planting area, primary processing and trafficking distribution emerge at the historic moment.According to statistics, the town has a total of more than 650 trafficking households, trafficking more than 1600 tons of Chinese medicinal materials, income of more than 28 million yuan, household average more than 40,000 yuan.Yang Yinping, a villager in Yangkou Village, Shuangquan Town, said: “Now we rely on the purchase and trafficking of medicinal materials a year. There are some small profits in various medicinal materials, and we can earn more than 100,000 yuan a year. Now the Party’s policy is good, and we also rely on our own hard work to improve our family life.”Feng Hui, chairman of the Shuangquan People’s Congress, said:”In the next step, according to the mode of” Party branch + cooperative + base + peasant households “, the town will give full play to the advantages of yangkou Village Chinese herbal medicine preliminary processing base, according to the mode of “five unified points”, accelerate the authenticity, green and ecological of Chinese herbal medicine, improve market competitiveness, and truly achieve agricultural efficiency and peasant income increase.To lay a foundation for consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation efforts and effectively linking them with rural vitalization.”