Blue Bottle coffee, the first store in Mainland China, opens today in Jing ‘an.Industry!!

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Finally open for business!At 8:00 a.m. on February 25, coffee lovers, following the good smell of coffee, came to No. 908 Chang ‘an Road, Jing ‘an District (the former site of Yutong Flour Factory dormitory).The familiar blue bottle logo on the building’s exterior has given the historic water and red brick building, built in 1926, a new name — Blue Bottle Coffee Shanghai Yutong.This is blue Bottle’s 102nd store in the world and its first in mainland China.What’s so special about it?On the opening day, the first 100 customers also received an extra “surprise” : a freshly roasted coffee bean and a souvenir bag of coffee beans.Starting today, Blue Bottle will offer mainland Chinese customers high-quality, freshly roasted boutique coffee beans consistent with its global stores.”China is a crucial market for Blue Bottle.We see our long-term future here and there is a lot of excitement and anticipation.””If you know Blue Bottle, you know we take the time to do the right thing,” said Karl Strovink, CEO of Blue Bottle.Whether it is the meticulous presentation of each cup of coffee, or the design and hand washing skills of slow work, it is the embodiment of simplicity and beauty.At the same time, we want to grow with our local baristas and operations team.”Blue Bottle Shanghai Yutong store is based on the understanding and respect of local culture and history in store design, coffee drinks, food and surrounding products.The store retains the architectural decorative elements of the old building, such as clear brick wall nodes, trellised doors and Windows, creating a mix of old and new inside the space.When you walk into the store, the first thing you see is the simple style created by modern furniture and concrete.On the second floor, all kinds of antique furniture, especially blue Bottle Coffee, the only 60-year-old FAEMA espresso machine in the world, tells the warm past and nostalgic memories.In the store, you can taste blue Bottle’s classic brews and espressoes in the same cups and recipes around the world, including blue Bottle’s signature Hayes Valley (Espresso), Belladoman, Legendary Rhythm and Three Non-variations.It also opens with three selected locally-grown coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya and Honduras.All coffee beans are roasted fresh in small batches by Blue Bottle Shanghai Pengpu Roastery, using the same sourcing, roasting and brewing standards as Blue Bottle coffee worldwide.It is suggested that the packaged coffee beans and peripheral products with a taste period of only 60 days will also be launched simultaneously on the Official Wechat mall of Blue Bottle coffee to meet the needs of customers across the country.”Shanghai is a city with a rich history and coffee culture, and we are excited to bring Blue Bottle here.Whether it’s the location of the first store, the design of the store, or the coffee and food, we want to bring the original Blue Bottle coffee experience to customers, but also bring the innovative Blue Bottle experience.””Said Hu Jun, general manager of Blue Bottle coffee in Greater China.At the same time, a number of coffee matching food also continued the spirit of “original taste”.Blue Bottle brought its famous Liege Waffles to Shanghai and wrapped it in the same Melitta filter that blue Bottle’s founder, James Freeman, had used in his early days at farmers’ markets.The “Yutong Snack,” available only at the opening, features a selection of traditional dim sum combinations from Shanghai’s time-honored brands, presenting local flavors that go with coffee without any modification.We cooperated with Peng Kai, a local illustrator in Shanghai, to create a series of themed products of Yutong Store and other limited peripheral products based on the local characters and life scenes of Yutong store and suzhou River, which makes people can’t help but take them home with them while enjoying a cup of coffee.Blue Bottle coffee has also made a community map including the culture, art, scenic spots, dining and shopping places of Yutong store and both sides of Suzhou River, hoping that more visitors who come to Visit Blue Bottle coffee can explore the delicious food and scenery along Suzhou River, meet art and culture, and share more beauty in life.Blue Bottle Coffee was founded by James Freeman in 2002.James Freeman started roasting coffee in a garage in Oakland, California, the US, because he was tired of the market for over-roasted, not-fresh commercial coffee.He not only sells his fresh beans, roasted by himself, at a nearby farmers’ market, but also serves his hand-brewed coffee in what he considers the ideal way.His insistence on fresh baking and hand-washing struck a chord with customers as queues formed at the stall.So begins the story of Blue Bottle coffee.908 Chang ‘an Road, Jing ‘an District, Shanghai (near Yutong Road, Hanzhong Subway Station) Business hours: 8:00-19:00 Source: Jing ‘an, Shanghai