During the Qingming Holiday, the traffic flow of Changzhou expressway is expected to drop by 90% year-on-year

2022-07-21 0 By

The qingming Festival is approaching. Affected by the epidemic, the traffic flow of The Changzhou expressway S39 jiangyi Expressway and S35 Fuli expressway is expected to decrease by 90% compared with that of the Qingming Festival in 2021.Among them, the average daily flow of west ring city expressway is about 9000 rolling stock, and the average daily flow of 4000 rolling stock of Changli highway, with trucks as the main traffic vehicles.Modern Express reporter from changzhou expressway management department on April 2, according to the needs of epidemic control, changzhou expressway has been temporarily closed S39 Jiangyi expressway Longcheng Avenue, Wujin economic development zone, S35 Fuli expressway Changdang Lake, Yulin toll station entrance and exit.Epidemic prevention and control checkpoints will be set at Tollstations in Zouqu, Wujin, and Yulin, Shanghuang, Liyang North and Zhongguancun, Jiangsu, on S39 Jiangyi Expressway and S35 Fuli Expressway.Affected by the on-site control and inspection of each station, it is expected to take 10 minutes for vehicles to pass through the toll lane.Li Yang North, Jiangsu Zhongguancun toll station changli direction, the queue of vehicles will overflow to the high-speed main line.At present, the epidemic situation is grim and complex.Changzhou High speed here appeals to the majority of owners to respond to the policy positively, adhere to the non-essential not to travel, to minimize unnecessary cross-provincial and cross-city flow.If you do need to travel, please be sure to check the prevention and control information in different places first, and arrange your travel routes properly to avoid delays.(Photo by correspondent)