Ecological improvement brings new “rice bowl” to Farmers along The Yellow River

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Linxian songsheng poverty alleviation afforestation professional cooperative organization fire liao Po village poor households in nursery cultivation of high quality saplings.Taiyuan, Taiyuan, March 13 (reporters Xie Yuan, Wang Hao) Spring returns to the earth, the Yellow River along the Mountain luliang spring in harmony.In Huoliaopo village in Linxian county, Shanxi Province, 52-year-old Lu Fuqin is sorting out hoes, shovels and other tools in his yard in preparation for planting trees soon.Although he moved out of his earthen cave deep in the mountains more than a decade ago, Lu fuqin still returns to the mountains every spring and autumn to plant trees.”It used to be cutting firewood, but now it’s planting trees.”The change has not only improved the environment, but also the life of his family, the ranger said.Like his ancestors, Lu Fuqin had been a peasant “chained” to the land, living a hard life.After joining the afforestation cooperative in 2016, Lu fuqin finally said goodbye to the life of relying on the weather.Sometimes he waits for the bus to pull him, sometimes he rides on his back. Every year, after the early spring and autumn harvest, Lu fuqin and dozens of villagers in the cooperative carry saplings to the mountain.At the peak of the day, 70 or 80 villagers busy on the mountain, can plant more than 10 mu of saplings.Now standing in the fire liao slope village outside looking around, lush trees all over the mountains.It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago this was a barren mountain with ravines.”Since I became a forester, I have earned more than 40,000 yuan a year.”Pointing to his yard, Lu fuqin said that he no longer worried about making a living by planting trees to build a two-story house and marrying his youngest son.The area along the Yellow River in Shanxi Province, especially the Luliang Mountain area, used to be one of the most ecologically fragile areas in the province.In recent years, China has paid more attention to the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin. In 2021, China issued the Outline of the Plan for Ecological Protection and High-quality Development of the Yellow River Basin, laying out a specific plan for the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin.Local governments are actively following up with relevant measures. Shanxi Province has made it clear that by 2025 the Yellow River basin will be basically green, which gives farmers like Lu Fuqin a new “rice bowl”.Thanks to the continuous afforestation project, the ecological environment along the Yellow River has been continuously improved.Thanks to the efforts of more than 13,000 foresters, the forest coverage rate of Linxian county has increased from 18 percent in 2016 to more than 25 percent now, surpassing the provincial average.The ecological improvements along the Yellow River are not just in numbers. Whooper swans from as far away as Siberia are also a witness.The arrival of these “visitors” has also brought unprecedented employment opportunities to local farmers.In Pinglu County sanwan Wetland, more than 20 years ago, a group of whooper swans from Siberia happened to stop here.Today, tens of thousands of whooper swans come here regularly each year to spend the winter.”Swans are timid. They used to stay far away from people, but now they are willing to get close to people.”He jianxi, who has worked as a ranger for more than 20 years, said the patrol starts at 6 am every year during the swans’ “visit” to check whether the swans are injured or sick and works 12 hours a day.Swan works by Xie Lixia.”From the middle of October to the middle of March, the monthly income of patrol work is 1,500 yuan.”Adding in the cost of transferring the land, he jianxi said his annual income is about 20,000 yuan, which is much more stable than farming.The arrival of the whooper swans has turned Pinglu into a paradise for photography enthusiasts, attracting more than 100,000 people to take photos every year, which has brought more jobs to the area.Xie Lixia, who runs a farmhouse near the wetland, said she started running a restaurant in the county seat more than 10 years ago, but returned to the village to open a b&B because of the growing number of tourists watching swans.”Every year in peak season, tourists from all over the country flood into the hotel, and the rooms are full every day.”Xie Lixia said that she has been immersed in photography enthusiasts for a long time, and she has become one of them. She will go out for photography every year.Swan works by Xie Lixia.In Shanxi Province, the Yellow River plate has been listed as one of the three key plates for the development of tourism in the province. With the continuous improvement of infrastructure such as tourist roads and parking lots, more and more farmers have enjoyed the “tourist meal”.In qikou ancient town, Linxian County, villager Li Shixi has become a local “celebrity” because of his “shepherd” shape.He is often asked to model the outfit, which is local to tourists who come to sketch and photograph.Lee Se-hee is serving as a “model” for photography enthusiasts.With the increasing number of tourists, Li Shixi led the villagers in the town, the home of the surplus cave into a b&B, “before no one opened hotels, now a holiday, every family has become a farmhouse.”Today, qikou town of more than 30,000 people all kinds of folk inn, farmhouse more than 50, more than 100 tourism commodity business, nearly 50 commentators, tourism employees up to more than 4,000 people.As the mother river of the Chinese nation, the Yellow River gave birth to the splendid Chinese civilization. Now, the Chinese people are feeding the Yellow River back by improving the ecological environment, laying the foundation for high-quality and sustainable development. Many farmers who could only face the loess back to the sky in the past have new career options that their forefathers never had.”I used to have to go out to work, but now I can get employment by the Yellow River.With the environment getting better and better, I believe the villagers will become more prosperous in the future.”Lu fuqin said.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: