Have you ever seen her fire in the snow?16 years doumen Niujiao Village shehuo stubborn

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Home in chang ‘an society fire wind snow shehuo performance, have you seen?The story takes place in Niujiao Village, Doumen Street, Fengdong on February 21, 2016. In the process of demolding Qian, niujiao Village has a fire performance of the whole people, and a “niujiao” is stubborn.Many people were ready to leave. Someone shouted, “She Huo, she won’t come out!Let the wind and snow go…”There are folk love fire enthusiastic audience, snow adhere to look forward to…Twelve o ‘clock at noon, the time has arrived, gongs and drums sounded firecrackers, shehuo formal performance, the crowd someone shouted: Shehuo out…Snow in shehuo on time performance, “ox horn” village is so capricious, so “ox horn” stubborn…The weather is freezing and the wind is blowing and the temperature is plummeting, the ox horn village fire child, did not cry…Cowhorn villagers, not backing down…Shaanxi cold baby spirit…The wind and snow in the cattle horn flags flying gongs and drums, all the villagers work together to adhere to the performance, a strong sense of collective honor, this time no one is willing to lose the face of the cattle Horn village…# photography