He was a teacher 20 years ago, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China is still a teacher, when the title of Luo Ronghuan personally looked for him to discuss

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In front of ordinary people, if they are faced with their mistakes or lack of ability, they will subconsciously choose to lie, or find some reasons to make excuses for their lack of ability.However, some people can calmly face their shortcomings and take the initiative to undertake mistakes and change their lives. During the Anti-Japanese War, Liu Ziqi was such a person.In 1930, Liu Ziqi became a division commander in our army, and he became a division commander for many years.By 1949, Liu had not been promoted, so that before the conferment ceremony, his position made Luo Ronghuan in trouble.In Luo Ronghuan helpless, had to personally find him, asked him the rank of major general, he felt enough?In accordance with the situation at that time, the conferment of military ranks throughout the country was a very strict matter, and there were selection criteria.So liu Ziqi this person has experienced what, will let Luo Ronghuan personally find him, and he discussed the relevant matters of military rank.When liu Ziqi was a child, his family was poor and he could not afford to eat, let alone study. Therefore, reading became liu Ziqi’s innermost desire.Although he did not go to school, but he also understood some truths in life, he knew that only new ideas can save China at that time.So when the opportunity presented itself to him, he resolutely joined the Communist Party of China and became a member.After joining the Party, Liu Ziqi did not have much culture, but he liked to think and was good at summing up experience from life.So it wasn’t long before he became a division commander in our army.But just when his career was on the right track, he suddenly proposed to the organization to remove all his duties and go to school.Can say at that time his this move makes many people do not understand, in fact, Liu Ziqi did so, is his own reasons.The most important thing is that in a war, Liu Ziqi lost the war because of his negligence.If he had known more, perhaps the war would have been won and the soldiers would not have died.Finally liu ziqi with a heavy heart resigned from the position of teacher, went to the camp school to study.He didn’t get the chance to study when he was young, but now that he can go to college, he thinks this chance is very important.After he learned cultural knowledge, everything could start again, and he also seized the opportunity to absorb advanced culture tirelessly.When he finally graduated from school, the organization arranged another position for him. Although this position was not as high as his former teacher, Liu ziqi was satisfied in his heart.In his new position, he worked in a down-to-earth manner, applying all the knowledge he learned to the battlefield.In the war that followed, he won many victories, and soon became a division commander with his efforts.Later, in a counter-siege and suppression struggle, one of liu ziqi’s commanders could not read well, so he made a mistake and caused serious losses.And Liu Ziqi did not blame this head, the responsibility of all in their own body.He thought that if he had known the situation, this would not have happened, so he resigned his position as teacher again and went to school.From these events, we can see that Liu Ziqi was a very calm person, who could clearly realize his own shortcomings in the war.Also can use their own fastest action to make up for things, and his determination and sober is to let everyone admire.Liu Ziqi, after two studies, can be said to have been completely changed.Later, whether in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, or in the war of liberation, he had excellent performance.If according to the war achievements, he and Luo Ronghuan still have a certain gap, but our party from the practical point of view, combined with the experience of Liu Ziqi at that time, finally with his own opinion, in 1955 to Liu Ziqi was awarded the founding major general rank.In fact, it was very difficult to decide the rank of Liu Ziqi. Liu Ziqi could have been awarded the rank of lieutenant general with his seniority either during the Long March or during the Anti-Japanese War.But combined with his experience in the Liberation War, he could only be awarded the rank of major general.After repeated consideration, the organization finally decided to award Liu Ziqi the rank of major general.After all, his situation was so unique that He interviewed him personally out of respect for the general.Conclusion: after becoming the founding major general, Liu Ziqi heart is very happy, he thinks his rank is in line with his situation.No matter in what post, or is what kind of rank, Liu Ziqi he will give his all for the country and the people, he is with this kind of sincere heart to infect the Chinese people through the ages.