Selling fireworks and firecrackers “hidden cat” police patrol on the spot

2022-07-21 0 By

Knowing that it is illegal to sell fireworks, public security organs will be punished, but take chances, against crime, the store will be normal in the fireworks on the tricycle, started flowing in, playing the “hide and seek” with police, recently, on our way to the patrol ShangSheng xichuan county public security bureau police station to investigate and punish the illegal trafficking of fireworks together.In order to further consolidate the achievements of banning fireworks and firecrackers in our county, reduce environmental pollution, create a quiet, comfortable and livable ecological environment, and ensure social public security and people’s personal and property safety, in recent days, The Shangsheng police Station of Xichuan County Public Security Bureau has continued to strengthen the fireworks and firecrackers ban control work.At about 21 o ‘clock on January 27, shangsheng police station police found during night patrol, xichuan county stadium there is a mobile sale of fireworks, police quickly disposal, will be the illegal person shang and illegal sale of fireworks and tricycles seized on the spot.Through the understanding, is one runs a grocery store for storage in fireworks, is still a knowingly sell fireworks will be punished, dare not to sell in the store, then take chances will be fireworks in a tricycle, using the flow in the night, when the stadium trafficking, patrol police seized on the spot.Shang mou to sell fireworks and firecrackers illegal facts confessed, at present, the case is being further handled.Police note: Xichuan County public Security Bureau will continue to strengthen control, severely crack down on illegal discharge, illegal manufacturing, trafficking, storage, transportation of fireworks and firecrackers illegal behaviors, once investigated and dealt with seriously, and typical cases will be exposed.If the public has found illegal setting off fireworks and illegal manufacturing, selling, storing, transporting fireworks and other criminal acts and relevant clues, please call 110 immediately.We hope that the general public will abide by the regulations of “no burning and no releasing” and work together to build a beautiful, safe and civilized new Xichuan.