This Spring Festival, there is a touch of green on the Zoige grassland

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Wind, frost, rain and snow, the mail is long.Snow send mail, fu into ten thousand.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the reporter came to Sichuan Ruoergai County.With an average altitude of 3,400 meters, the region is vast and sparsely populated, with a cold season lasting six months a year.Villagers said snow followed snow for several days.The cold wind whistled unbridled, the prairie a piece of snow.However, on this white scroll, there are flashes of vibrant green from time to time — the busy figures of postman Harondoji and his colleagues in the post office branch of Joergai County, dressed in postal logo uniforms.Though the wind and frost etched his face with age, harondoji, a handsome young man with thick eyebrows and a straight nose, still exuded a spirit of valor that made it hard to believe that he was close to 40.The mail was loaded to the brim, and the Harding machine carefully wiped the snow off the cart with a rag before it set off.He wanted the villagers to be able to see the brilliant green from a distance.At noon, the mail arrived at Banyouxiang Doma village, the reporter saw a woman standing at the entrance of the village, the snow kept waving to the mail.She is Grandma Yang Cuo, a herdsman in Doma village.After receiving the mail and the Spring Festival bag sent by the Harongdao Machine, Grandma Yang Cuo, speaking unskilled Chinese, said to the reporter with a smile, “This is the Spring Festival goods bought by her granddaughter online. It is Doji who delivers the Spring Festival goods to us these days. It is really hard for her!”The reporter follows ha long to seize the machine to go from village to village, send a mail to the villagers home.The cold and high altitude environment made every step forward extremely difficult, and soon, the reporter was gasping for air.”Seizing the machine brother, as you deliver mail every day, do you envy sitting in an office?””After delivering the mail for so many years, SOMETIMES I feel tired, but most of the time I feel very happy, especially when I see everyone’s smile after receiving the mail, I am really happy.This is the satisfaction that no other position can give me.”After delivering the mail to Domar village, Harong took the plane and rushed to Banyou village. The green mail car became a bright color across the vast snow field.”New Year’s Day is coming soon, you still don’t have a holiday?”As soon as we got off the bus, the villager Zhaxi Zeren took Harong’s hand and greeted him warmly.Harondol said half-jokingly: “I have Chinese New Year, how do you do for the New Year goods?””Come on in and have some hot tea.”He invited Harlophone and the reporter to his home.On the way back, as the snow on the ground became thicker, Harondoge, driving the mail cart carefully, told the reporter the story of the Red Army in Zoige.”Have you ever heard of the Snow Mountain Sun?And herdsmen used ten million kilograms of grain to help the Red Army cross the snow-capped mountains and meadows…”In Zoige, the story of the Long March of the Red Army has long been a red legend.Nowadays, the Internet has reached every corner of Zoige, and new things such as online shopping have entered villagers’ lives. More and more industrial products such as clothing and electrical appliances have entered people’s homes on the grassland, and local special products such as sodang tea and yak jerky have also gone out of the grassland.In this post road, harong seized the most heavy work, a week to and from more than 1000 kilometers, throughout the county 13 towns.As the emails piled up, he went from one shift a week to five.Although the wind and rain on the grassland are uncertain, the mail truck of Harongduji always arrives on schedule, lighting up the grassland people’s expectation for a better life with this piece of postal green.”There is a lot of wind and snow and a lot of mail, but no matter what, we will get the mail to people in time.”At parting, Harondoche told reporters that his mail train would not stop during the Spring Festival.Article/Photo: Zhang Jin, Wang Lai, Cheng Miao, Zhang Lifeng edited by Nie Yao and reviewed by Feng Xiaogang