Why are European Chinese boys not popular?

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Excellent overseas Chinese groups have huge social wealth in foreign countries, but Chinese young people are not welcome on campus!As the growth of the Chinese national strength, the number of overseas Chinese in exponential increase, according to the overseas Chinese office data, about 67 million overseas Chinese are, if according to the population ranking, overseas Chinese if independence should be able to in the world around 20 (equivalent to the size of Britain and France), and if GDP to calculate,In terms of the overall quality and ability of the overseas Chinese community, the mainstream opinion is that it can be on a par with South Korea, that is, ranking 10th in the world. This is a very terrible figure, which also reflects the excellent quality of our Chinese nation from another level.Although overseas Chinese as a whole is very good, in the United States can even do the governor, ministerial senior officials, but the overall wind evaluation of Chinese is not ideal, especially in the “second generation” body more obvious.Not long ago, the incident of “squinty” Chinese models in the West was boycotted by the whole Internet, which also made us see the sinister intention of European and American colonialists to deliberately vilify Asian women.Slanted eye image is full of European and American prejudice against Chinese and Chinese men than women, Chinese boys in European and American campus culture basic equal to myopia + nerdy image, the “Oriental home, society, people with disabilities to solve the problem” is the European and American countries for Chinese male stereotypes, although overseas Chinese through diligent hands changed their wealth,But the hubris that runs deep in white America and Europe remains hard to change.It’s hard to see two people is husband and wife from the age bias is objective existence, the overseas Chinese men marry outside rate (white) is much lower than Chinese female WaiJia rate, namely the Chinese boy is hard to get other ethnic girl, let people don’t understand is the other minority girls to Chinese boy stay at a respectful distance from sb, overseas Chinese boys purely attractive even worse than black,So what’s causing this?The aesthetics of young people in Europe and America are mainly influenced by their growing environment, while the mainstream value orientation of white people in Europe and America is nautical culture, emphasizing adventure and exploration, and believing in the jungle law of business by sword.To reflect the campus life is that extracurricular time occupies the majority of young people’s time, party culture, sports culture filled in the meantime.Although basketball and football are popular among young people in the United States, there are few Chinese faces in the basketball team. Confucian cultivation culture is not popular in the West. In European and American campuses, the most popular students are never those with the best academic performance, but the sports stars of the school team are widely sought after.Cultural conflict is the fundamental group exercise in the epidemic spread and outdoor termination, European and American young people still enjoy fitness and sports in the home, according to the electricity net FindNiche for data statistics show that during the outbreak of the European and American youth sports goods sales rose 287%, the overall sales of American indoor trampoline 12 days is 20 times before the outbreak;Sporting goods in Spain grew 191%, with treadmill sales up 1159% month-on-month, and in Italy, rally belt sales up 615% month-on-month.Hot style fight ball repeatedly on the top and the combat training to sales growth won the top 100 times, with young people in Europe and the United States is a web celebrity machines, the main users of 15 to 28 years old young man, and the store after buying rate is extremely high, brand of sports equipment for hot style and a linkage effect, the fitness gloves in below also surged 397% over the previous year,It can be seen that young people in Europe and the United States have deep sports.During the epidemic, e-commerce data in the Chinese mainland are quite different. Tablet computers rank first in terms of sales growth, with Samsung and Lenovo seeing the fastest growth, with year-on-year growth of 44.4% and 66.4% respectively. Apple’s controversial iPad also bucked the trend with a 41% growth.Overall Q4 tablet sales jumped 125 per cent last year, with 74 per cent of users being teenagers.If you thought the popularity of tablets was due to Chinese youth’s obsession with the Internet and blind entertainment at home, think again.In 2020 and 2022, sales of Chinese class is more than seven times of the sales of the tablet, online classes to watch time together all the countries in the world for more than 5 times of the outbreak after the big schools closed during all chose the online teaching, and parents behind, in order not to let your child’s schooling is crazy to network remedial class to the child, not young people do not love sports,It’s the overall social environment that makes it hard for kids to exercise.Therefore, the combination of the specific social environment and family influence can only show that Chinese young people and European and American young people do not have the same value orientation, the so-called differences do not cooperate, and it is not easy to judge which is right and which is wrong at the same time.The Chinese traditional six arts of shoot and the royal and sports related but even in the Chinese traditional education concept, strengthen physical health is also very important one annulus, gentleman’s six arts “, music, archery, royal, books, number “in archery driving and riding a horse is directly related to movement, so the ancients know abs, don’t read books about the importance of death.As for whether muscular men are cooler in modern society, or students with good grades are cooler, the future will be decided.