In “good” families, fathers treat their daughters and sons more than a little differently

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In a family made up of “good” characters, fathers tend to treat their sons and daughters in very different ways.When treating his daughter, the father is always able to have absolute patience, and give his daughter unlimited love, and even some fathers in the process of his daughter’s growth unwittingly become the name of the “daughter slave”;When treating his son, the father always seems to be more severe and less patient, and hit the bottom of my heart that my son rough flesh thick, can withstand “pick up”.Remember a few years ago the variety of the fire “where dad” in a certain period, a pair of stars combination of parent-child relationship models in at that time, cause the extensive concern of the netizens, the star is Yang shuo always lack of patience in the face of the son, attitude is tough, but face the daughter instantly become tender and good, the entire people are soft.This prompted many netizens to stand up and complain for the way he treated his son, and even some netizens expressed their deep disapproval for the way he treated his children differently.Not only that, such phenomena in daily life can be found everywhere, neighbor Wang Jie is not only an enviable “good” word family, but also two babies or “dragon and phoenix” siblings.However, every time they come across a family, almost can see the daughter was father spoil drowning in arms, loving fun, all the way hee hee ha ha, talking and laughing, and the son was mother holding hands, all the way to follow, the father said to his son is “follow closely, looking at the road, don’t get lost.”As the saying goes, “the daughter is the parents’ little cotton-padded jacket, and the son is the parents’ military coat.” Both the son and daughter are their own treasures and the most important existence in their lives.So, is based on what reason, cause some fathers in the treatment of their “small cotton-padded jacket” and “military coat”, attitude and practice are completely different, have different treatment of the situation?Daughters are more likely to inspire their fathers’ need for protection daughters are weaker and more dewy than sons, and therefore more likely to inspire their fathers’ need for protection.From the father’s point of view, the daughter is shui Lingling, soft waxy waxy, need to be constantly caressed, protected, set thousands of pet at a “little princess”;A son is a symbol of a “little man”, who needs enough courage and courage in the process of growing up. Therefore, it is not necessary to give too much love and protection, but more need to be guided and corrected.02, from the father’s compensation psychological daughter grew up after all is to marry others as a wife, and the son in any case is able to stay under their own eyes.Out of compensation psychology, as a father, as long as the daughter is around him, the father wants to give her enough love and care, so that the daughter can feel the sense of security from the father.Even, some father in the daughter’s growth process, every thought of the daughter grow up to need to marry a wife, but also secretly silently wipe tears, and these reluctant, will become a daughter in the side of the double good to “her”.For families with a combination of “good” characters, an unbalanced education model is even more undesirable.Here’s how to strike a balance as a child grows up.1. Daughters can be spoiled, but not spoiled. Fathers, for a variety of reasons, tend to pamper and pamper their daughters.However, here, the father also needs to grasp the degree of “love”, once the love of the daughter is too much, it will lead to the nature of “love” into “love”, but for the growth of children.Therefore, at any moment, no matter how fathers can not let their love and “care” for their daughters increase, become a disguised obstacle on the road of children’s growth.A father can never be exactly the same in his treatment of his son and daughter, but he must never be too different.For example, the daughter is always a “good face” and gentle and delicate, dote on, on the contrary, the son is always a “cold face” and rough irritable, no patience.Such differential treatment is easy to develop the daughter’s self-centered, extravagant and domineering character, which leads to the son in front of his father, become inferior and sensitive and other adverse psychological problems.To a certain extent, it will even lead to sons’ jealousy of their daughters and dissatisfaction with their parents, which not only deteriorates the harmonious relationship between children, but also deteriorates the original good parent-child relationship.Twitter: don’t favor to their daughter, also need not push too much of her son, let the baby in the balance of family education and the harmonious family atmosphere, deep experience from the warmth of family and the love of parents, help children helping each other between each other, care support, physical and mental health of thrive.(This picture is from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)