More than one million yuan of consumption vouchers were issued, and the 2022 consumption promotion month of “Helping Business and Benefiting People” was launched in Shinan District

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Recently, the launch ceremony of “Helping Business and benefiting People” consumption promotion month was held in RT-Mart.It is understood that shinan district will issue more than one million yuan of consumer vouchers, and the area of key retail joint, to carry out a variety of promotional activities, to promote consumption recovery, the prosperity of the area of business development.Shinan District “Help merchants benefit People” consumption promotion activity is sponsored by Shinan District People’s Government and Qingdao Commercial Bureau, organized by Shinan District Commercial Bureau and Qingdao UnionPay, co-organized by Shinan District Financial Bureau.The promotion of consumption activities from April 2 to May 4, covering qingming Festival and May Day holidays, will be through the cloud flash payment APP to release consumption coupons, and a “shopping lottery” activity.During the event, citizens log in to the Cloud flash payment APP and get 10 yuan consumption coupons in the “Consumption coupons” area on the home page. During the event, a total of 150,000 coupons are issued, and a single person can only get 1 coupon per day, and a single person can only get 5 coupons during the event. The consumption coupons will be valid within 7 days after the citizens get them.Received vouchers citizens in hisense plaza, good world guest, rt-mart, mykal, carrefour, vientiane city, yue xi ke lai, hayley group before, the first parkson, ginza mall, xinhua bookstore book city of Qingdao, etc more than ten business super, complex offline stores pay with flash pay cloud APP, or in small businesses, such as the APP to use online shopping channels.After the payment is completed, the next day you can get a lucky draw, the face value of the ticket is up to 200 yuan, so that the general public enjoy the convenience and benefits of consumption.It is reported that shinan District Commercial Bureau will also cooperate with the district Financial Bureau, Qingdao UnionPay and commercial banks to launch a series of “help business benefit people” activities and financial support of discount loans for the catering industry.Shinan district, said the relevant person in charge of the hope that through the promotion of consumption activities, so that consumers have the power to add confidence to the business, for the market.We will accelerate market recovery and promote steady economic and social development.Video source: Lanjing client reporter: Gao Ce wen Guangqiang Article source: Sea View News reporter: Wang Meng Correspondent: Yin Xinxin