Eleven people were killed in a tidal surge at a beach prayer

2022-07-23 0 By

Eleven people died after being swept into the sea off the southern coast of East Java province in a fatal accident on Indonesia’s coastline, CCTV news reported.At least 11 people were killed when a tidal wave hit the bayangan beach in Jember county, East Java, Indonesia, early Wednesday (local time) as they were praying.According to local police, the residents were standing on the beach holding hands when a huge wave struck, sweeping 23 people into the sea.Local search-and-rescue workers rushed to the scene after receiving the news. Eleven people have been confirmed dead and 12 others have survived.Earlier, local beach guards had issued a warning not to do anything near the beach because of high waves.After the accident, police warned locals to stay away from the beach.The surface of the seemingly calm actually undercurrent when you stay near the beach, don’t ignore the hidden danger in fujian zhangzhou beach visitors swept away by the sea, 11 people were killed on the afternoon of August 14, 2021, fujian zhangzhou liang-fon estate located before the booth sudden accidents, zhenjiang port village near a beach 17 tourists on the beach when he fell down,A witness at the scene said the 17 tourists were playing hand in hand on the beach while another tourist took photos of the 17 tourists.Suddenly a big wave rolled, the 17 tourists, all swept into the sea, more than 10 minutes after all disappeared.Eleven people were killed.Fire warning to play in the seaside, whether high tide or low tide should be careful, the sudden impact of the waves and volume power is unpredictable, a wave’s rise and fall moment dragged people into the sea, have not seen the wind and waves, do not understand water people can not casually play in the seaside, must always pay attention to safety.Life is fragile, good water is heartless, we tighten the safety string together to play on the beach to pay attention to safety