Smile to cry!A girl in Inner Mongolia shouted her boyfriend’s name into a pigsty, only to be met with an immediate response from a pig

2022-07-23 0 By

Recently, in Inner Mongolia, a female girl toward the pigsty shout boyfriend name video laugh, cry all video shows that girls go home during the festival, saw near the house there is a pig sty, a girl on a whim toward the pigsty cried boyfriend name, unexpectedly let her distress situation happened, see pigsty there is a little pig jumped out at once,Then use arms above the door, the whole appearance is darling, only pigs move also let woman laugh cry, then share it with her boyfriend.”His first reaction was that he thought it was cute,” she said. “Then he said he wanted to come to my house next year and kill a pig for Chinese New Year. I was a little confused.Netizens are abuzz about it:”Ha ha ha, the pig is really quite poor, a careless became a victim of love, but I saw the dog and cat on the road will also call my boyfriend’s name, think it is quite funny.” “Looking at the pig’s reaction speed, maybe the boyfriend reaction speed is not as fast as it, as long as you call him,Has always been Dally a type that “” may boyfriend have no so speechless, calling his name can have a pig so positive, but the feeling is also good to play, just this pig is raised with this name” in my opinion, animals will have some instinct reaction, may be heard some, they will have a accept feeding response,It doesn’t seem strange after I understand it, but for people who don’t understand it, it feels fresh.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.