Henan migrant workers pick up the admission notice specially send back, quasi college student: you with what take away

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Henan Zhengzhou railway public security tangyin railway station police station received an alarm, a graduating senior three prospective college students said their admission notice lost, worried about the smooth admission, the student is very anxious.The police attaches great importance to this matter, in order to fight for time, the case investigators hurriedly transferred the student’s activity monitoring to find relevant clues.Soon, through surveillance footage, investigators found the whereabouts of the admission letter, which the female student had forgotten on the seat of the train and was carried away by a passenger.Through multiple contacts, the case officers finally got in touch with the party who picked up the admission notice, and a migrant uncle wearing a hard hat soon sent the notice to the police station.However, unexpectedly, when the uncle is ready to give the notice to the case personnel, the girl loudly questioned why the migrant uncle took the notice, migrant uncle suddenly a face of grievances to keep explaining to the girl.The admission letter is a lucky thing, the girl should thank the migrant uncle, why would she be so excited?Was her action right or wrong?Will the migrant uncle finally forgive the girl?On August 18, 2019, a girl named Xiao Jiang took a train with her admission letter to be admitted to her favorite school. She was full of joy and jubilant all the way. She was still worried about the safety of such an important document in her bag, so she clutched it tightly all the way.The more you worry, the more you make mistakes!After getting off the bus, she suddenly found that her admission letter was missing!Ginger repeatedly turned over the bag several times, looking for their own after getting off every corner, is unable to find the admission notice, she squatted in place at a loss, great loss and fear let her could not help but cry.Without admission notice, how to successfully report to school?Many back and forth to find no fruit, calm down, ginger immediately called the police, Zhengzhou railway public security Tangyin station police station received the news immediately launched an investigation.The police investigation ginger all the way walking monitoring, did not find the admission notice left behind, investigators speculate that the notice is likely to be forgotten on the train, so the police immediately contacted the relevant person in charge of the train ginger, asked to see the monitoring.CCTV footage shows jiang getting off the bus in a crowded aisle and leaving her admission letter on the seat in her hurry to get off.When the next passenger sat down, he found the letter of acceptance. After reading it for a while, he put it away.Police quickly contacted the conductor, but it was too late. The passenger had already left Tangyin on the K21 train.Inside the police station, ginger hurried to and fro, the police constantly pacify her emotions.Soon, through the passenger’s bus number and seat number, police successfully contacted the party.The passenger said he handed the letter of admission to a friend when he left. Knowing that the owner was looking for him anxiously, he asked his friend to return it to him immediately.Fortunately, jiang’s admission letter was not swept into the trash can, but was picked up by a good Samaritan.Jiang waited for the admission notice to be sent back at the police station, but after waiting for a while, there was still no sign of anyone.Jiang kept asking the police: “He won’t come?He hasn’t lost my notice, has he?”Not knowing what happened, the police contacted the passenger again, who said, “My friend is coming…”.Don’t let a good man cold heart and so on for a while, came into a head wearing a red helmet of migrant workers brother, ginger saw each other immediately went forward, migrant workers will also hand objects to ginger, not until migrant workers opened their mouth, ginger first questioned: “why do you take my things”?Such questioning made the migrant workers very embarrassed and confused. They kindly sent the goods back, but got no thanks. Instead, they were complained.Migrant uncle hurriedly explained: “it’s not that I stole it to you, it’s that you lost it, on the contrary, I also sent it specially to you.”After hearing the explanation, Jiang began to complain about why the migrant uncle came so late and why he chose to take it away instead of leaving it at the police station near the train station.Migrant uncle said he was very busy at the construction site, so delayed for a while, a little leisure to ride the tram quickly, but for the police took the initiative to contact him, he was ready to release the news online, looking for the owner.Uncle explained patiently, jiang is still aggressive, finally the police can not listen to go on, hurriedly stop Jiang.He said, “People have no obligation to keep the lost things for you, let alone to send them back to you. It is your responsibility to lose such important letters, and you do not blame anyone. You should not be so angry, let alone angry with people.”Ginger looked at the documents, fortunately, everything is in, none lost, heard the police accused her of this to come to her senses, realized that he just spoke too much, ginger hurriedly apologized to the migrant uncle.Migrant uncle said that he understood very much, his children are in school, he knows the importance of an admission letter to a college student.After returning the lost property, the uncle was in a hurry to leave. He said there were still a lot of work waiting for him on the construction site.Before leaving, the police thanked the migrant uncle, and told him to pick up the next thing best to the nearby police office, save yourself a trip again.Off the kind uncle, the police began to criticize ginger education.As the saying goes: “a good word three winter warm, unkind words hurt cold June!”Uncle did a good thing, but was confronted by Ginger, but became a bad man.Life should be grateful, rather than full of anger, ginger is impatient, out of things don’t find reasons from their own bodies, but blame the fault on others, control their own emotions, hurt the people who help her.If She had taken care of her important things from the beginning, nothing would have happened.After the lost things, the kind of migrant uncle, using the working time to return the lost property, if the little ginger can thank you repeatedly, a better attitude, it can also give some comfort to the good samaritans, fortunately, the uncle is broad-minded, with children generally dispute.Jiang’s behavior has exposed her own big problems. When she meets a problem, she typically looks for the reason from others first. In fact, it is a manifestation of shirking responsibility and blaming others.Entering university, you will come into contact with more people and things. If you do not change your consciousness, you will suffer great losses in future study and life.University teaches people a lot of knowledge, the essence of which is to teach young people into the society the truth of how to behave. I hope that jiang can change his self-centered consciousness and view through this matter.When you pick up an unowned item and return it, the owner should say thank you first anyway.In today’s society: “Good people are difficult to do”, just like the hot topic “falling old man, help or not help?”This should not be a problem in traditional morality, but today it is a moral dilemma.In the final analysis, the biggest problem between people is — trust.A nation without trust has no hope, and a nation without trust has no future.Good social environment needs everyone to jointly create, while promoting virtue, we must remember: do not let the good people cold heart!· Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address :jiahe202110@126.com