Jie Xiu: public interest litigation to strengthen the defense of food safety

2022-07-24 0 By

Food is the most important thing for people. Food safety is related to everyone’s health and life safety.General Secretary Xi Jinping has put forward the “four strictest standards”, namely, the strictest standards, the strictest oversight, the strictest penalties, and the strictest accountability, to ensure the safety of every bite of our people.To this end, the People’s Procuratorate of Jiexiu city launched a special activity of “Protecting the safety of the Tongue in public interest litigation”, and continued to strengthen the defense line of food safety.The People’s Procuratorate of Jiexue city found that a fragrant oil workshop in Tianbao Village, Zhanglan Town, Jiexue city illegally added ethyl vanillin to the sesame oil, which may harm human health.Immediately contact the market supervision and regulation department, joint to raid the fragrant oil mill, on-site inspection found the fragrant oil mill is not up to standard, no disinfection facilities, the problem such as print production date in advance, the bureau in accordance with the seizure of the inventory of finished balm, and extract the sample for testing for adding ethyl vanillin (results).Based on complete investigation, jiexiu city, the people’s procuratorate on November 24, 2021 issue before litigation to jiexiu city market supervision and administration of procuratorial suggestion, urged the agency to the rectification of problems found during the inspection, the fragrant oil mill of ethyl vanillin is added in the sesame oil shall impose administrative punishments against the administrative illegal act in accordance with the law, if the case constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.After the inspection proposal was issued, jiexiu City market supervision administration took measures to seal up, detain, order suspension of business rectification, etc., at the same time, formulated the jiexiu City food processing small workshops special rectification work plan, standardize the production and operation activities of food small workshops.On the basis of preliminary investigation and evidence collection, the fragrant oil workshop was subject to administrative punishment of “confiscation of production and operation equipment and illegal income, confiscation of finished sesame oil and fine of RMB 243,060”.In addition, it also carried out with the vinegar, meat production and processing, with emphasis on the small workshops, rectification of action, and continues to do small workshops census archivist files, improve the processing and product catalogue, help and guide to build up small workshops and of using food additives products sales records such as parameter, not regularly to carry out the sampling inspection, etc, has obtained the good social effect and legal effect.Through individual case handling, jiexue People’s Procuratorate has achieved a good effect of handling one case and governing a whole, and achieved a win-win, multi-win, win-win work pattern and work results.In the future, the institute will continue to implement the people-centered development concept, give full play to the procuratorial function of public interest litigation, and effectively escort the people’s happy life.