Xinhua: An octogenarian cried that he had no money to see a doctor, and the court moved the judiciary to send a doctor to see a doctor

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In the morning of January 19, two old people holding each other, stumbling into the east court of xinhua County People’s Court.When the staff received them, they were in tears: “Judge, the three sons have no money, we have no money to eat, no money to hospital, no way to think.”Come to the court, they seem to have returned home, found can talk, can rely on the place, the heart of bitterness and grievance all said out.The two men are plaintiffs in a alimony dispute heard by a court in the east of the city. The 85-year-old grandfather and the 81-year-old grandmother now live in their youngest son’s house and have no other income or source of livelihood except their annual pension of 1,300 yuan each.Since August 2021, the old man has been treated in several hospitals in Xinhua County for various diseases. The medical expenses of the two old men are mainly borne by the three daughters and the younger son, while the old man is mainly taken care of by the younger daughter and the younger son during hospitalization.The eldest son home close at hand, not to the two old people to fulfill the obligation to support, the night before the court, for the first time to parents 1400 yuan, and asked to withdraw the lawsuit.The second son runs a factory outside, and he only gives some materials to support the two old people every year since 2019, while the younger son will pay the two plaintiffs’ maintenance expenses irregularly and without a fixed amount.The court ordered the defendants to pay alimony and share the medical expenses incurred. The eldest son and the third son did not consciously perform, and the second son tried his best to delay receiving the judgment.When the two old men came to court, the judgment had been served and had not yet taken effect.The case has been closed, but the care for the elderly has not ended.After patiently listening to what the two old people said, the court staff immediately contacted the local health center, explained the special circumstances of the case, and requested the health center to handle the special situation and let the old woman be hospitalized first. The costs incurred will be implemented by the court after the judgment takes effect, and will be paid in the execution fund.After understanding the situation, the director of the health center agreed with the plan put forward by the court to treat the elderly first.”Old man, we communicated with the health center, the medical expenses do not worry, you go home to prepare, we will send you to the hospital tomorrow morning, recuperate good body, have a good year.”Hearing that the cure had been secured, the two old men left the court trembling.At 9:41 a.m. on January 20, after the morning session, court staff rushed to the old man’s home.The road was rugged and bumpy. After driving for about an hour, we finally arrived at the old man’s home about 26 kilometers away from the court. Together with local township and village officials, we picked up the old man and took him to the hospital.”You’re going to the hospital with us today, old man.Would you like something to eat before you go?”Staff door heel old man said.”We steamed some sweet potatoes. We’ll eat some later.””Replied the old man.”We’ll go to your oldest son’s house first, and talk to him about your hospitalization, and about medical expenses and maintenance, and then we’ll work on it.You guys eat and get your bags ready.Come with us to the hospital later.”With that said, the court staff came to the old man’s eldest son’s home only ten meters away, found the door closed.The staff called the old man’s eldest son: “Zhang SAN (pseudonym)?We are the staff of the east court of the city. Your father’s health is not good, and we think he is really poor. We are going to send him to the health center for hospitalization first.When the case comes into force, if you do not comply, we will take enforcement action against you.”The eldest son of the old man, feeling that his parents’ division of the land was unfair, refused to fulfill the obligations determined by the judgment and angrily said over the phone, “I am not his son.”The staff told the old man’s second son and third son by telephone the same situation.The second son complained that his parents should not Sue him in court, and said that the court ruled that it was useless.The third son was willing to do his duty and said he would come back to take care of his father.The staff returned to the old man’s home to help them prepare their luggage, the old woman legs inconvenient, limping in the home to clean up, close the doors and Windows, and the old man together in the staff’s support, walked up the hill behind the house, took the police car.The police car drove slowly, fearing that the road would be too bumpy for the old man’s health.Along the way, the grandmother was full of gratitude: “Thank you for helping to save people and send them to the hospital.Thanks to the Communist Party, the Communist Party than parents also close.””I was in poor health before, but when he was healthy, he left rice for me and ate sweet potatoes himself.Now that I’m better, he’s having health problems.At first, he wore worn shoes and clothes, drilled caves, and made money to help his eldest son build a house and marry a wife. When he grew old, he was…….”The staff helped the two elderly people into the health center, and communicated with the director again about the treatment and expense payment: “There is no way, the case has not been effective yet, and it cannot be implemented now, otherwise the person will be detained, and we will be responsible for the money.”The dean was deeply moved and said, “Your sense of responsibility and love is commendable and admirable.We can rest assured of the medical expenses.”Seeing that the court helped them communicate the matter of hospitalization, the grandmother said excitedly: “Thanks to the Communist Party, the Communist Party is long live.”The staff member said: “We are all Communist party members, this is our job responsibility.”When the hospital saw the POTS, rice and cabbages brought in by the court staff, it pointed out that the hospital stipulated not to cook by yourself, and the undertaker took out 400 yuan to them: “Old man, the hospital stipulated not to cook by yourself, so I will give you 400 yuan to have dinner in the hospital canteen first, you should be urgent.”After settling them in the wards, preparing meals for them, seeing them finish the admission examination and helping them back to the wards for rest, the court staff in the east of the city returned to the county seat with ease. It was already 2 PM.