Zhengzhou municipal Committee of the twelfth session of the second plenary meeting and economic work conference held

2022-07-25 0 By

On February 15, the second plenary meeting of the 12th session of the municipal Committee and the economic work conference of the 12th session of the municipal Committee was held.Is the main task of the meeting, implement the party’s 19, 19 all previous session and the central economic work conference spirit, to carry out the economic work conference, provincial party committee of the provincial party committee plenary session and deployment, summed up the city’s economic work in 2021, the analysis of the current economic and social development situation, the deployment of economic work in 2022, to mobilize the whole city situation clearly, confidence, hard enterprising, bear as,To build a modernized central city of China, anchor the “two guarantees”, carry out the “three targets” in an all-round way, deepen the “ten strategies” action, start with all efforts to solve the problem, strive to rise to a high stage, with excellent achievements to welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress.By Chen Feng, Zhang Xin, Sun Yawen, Wang Jibin, Wen Huang, Yu Yang and Wang Xiuqing