After 1945, 20, 000 devils hiding in changbai Mountain also carry 10, 000 women, has since mysteriously disappeared

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Can you believe it?In not long after Japan’s surrender, there are 20000 Japanese troops carrying more than ten thousand women hide in the changbai mountain, no one knows what they are hiding in places, even more weird, that some people are mysteriously disappeared after the mountains, no answer, why these people hiding in the mountains, what these people experienced in changbai mountain again?If you are new to the company, please click “Like” to learn about this little-known historical story.20000 Japanese mysteriously disappeared Japan surrendered, the Japanese workers in our country, doctors, engineers and other technical personnel, to adopt preferential policies, but for those who have been in China for his crimes of war criminals, also gave the punishment, and some of the residues in the northeast of the Japanese, in after we received the news of his army defeat, they are also very fear of reprisals,After all, the Soviet army and the U.S. army retaliated against the Japanese, which were so cruel that they were still terrified for decades. In order to avoid being prisoners of war and suffering, 20,000 Japanese soldiers, carrying more than 10,000 civilian women, hid in the Changbai Mountain.The Japanese defeat in changbai mountain is located in the northeast in China, during the Anti-Japanese War, there are a large number of Japanese kwantung army stationed there, construction of fortifications, at the same time also built them in atrocities biological experiment base, so there are a lot of people are in doubt, these Japanese carry woman, holed up in their secret base built on changbai mountain,After all, a germ weapon like this would have to be very hidden, so the Japanese would not be easily seen hiding there.What’s more, changbai mountain is so big, literally a cave are likely to be the Japanese the hiding place, but in the Japanese army, specially engineered bacteria experiment, though dressed in military uniform, but with the soldiers who fought in the front, there are essential differences, and most of them are the front line of more than 20000 Japanese soldiers, the inside of the technical personnel little,Of those Japanese professional scientific research personnel, not be repatriated, was taken to a military court is locked in jail, non-professional person, this kind of bacteria might not only succeed with the experiment, it will also put in all their own, so the Japanese want to through the development of chemical and biological weapons, basic there is no possibility of a comeback,It also means that the Japanese army can not be hiding in the so-called secret base.Japanese secret test base have one possibility is the Japanese army into the kuomintang army, you know, not long after Japan declared unconditional surrender, began plotting to deliberately started the civil war, Chiang kai-shek and the Japanese also wanted to set up the forces of Chiang kai-shek, stage a comeback, and they, in order to achieve a common purpose, and even data records,Chiang kai-shek had sent a liaison group of ten men.They carry a compass, wireless communications equipment, finds that gang to changbai mountain son disappear of the Japanese troops, and in this branch of contact group team, including several Japanese, this a few people used to be the Japanese, is now in order to save his own life, in the defected to the KMT’s team, to meet such a task, they naturally have to try my best to do,And these several people in the search for the Japanese changbai Mountain in the process, also by making their own contact signals, so that the Japanese hiding in the depths of the mountains feel to see the hope, made the same response.Changbai mountain forest but this is, after all, twenty thousand the Japanese army, Chiang kai-shek, even want to use they expand their own power, also must want to quietly to, after all, in the land, people in Japan, but hatred carved into the bones and Chiang kai-shek, a civil war, also use these once for his compatriots atrocities,It is highly likely that many generals within the Korean army, not to mention the general public, would not allow such an act to happen.Chiang kai-shek to conceal the truth, to destroy the Japanese army’s true identity, for a minute, will be destroyed these Japanese data, what is more surprising, in addition to Chiang kai-shek, in order to consolidate their own interests, yen hsi-shan recruits are remnants of the Japanese, even with the Japanese troops, than an old subordinate of treatment for many years with her.Highly nationalist forces yen hsi-shan thought he can do this, but what does not know is in the process of fighting our troops, in the Japanese be compelled helpless be come in handy, once again exposed, aroused the strong public anger, but also by our army struggled to resist, so this set the Japanese, is likely to be in the process of expropriated by the kuomintang (KMT), will have been killed.Of course, in addition to these two kinds of speculation, some people also want to, once appeared in changbai Mountain area savage, will it be possible to hide in the mountains of the Japanese army?Want to know, changbai mountain belong to the primeval forest, the Japanese who want to save, that must be hid in the mountains, can’t often go out again in order to avoid exposure identity, are not exposed to the outside world for a long time, these people can only live in the original, in the wild life, merging into an integral whole with the beasts of the forest, into a wild man, of course, this speculation is not very scientific,Even if they did degenerate, it would take a long time, not to say to become savage, not so easy things.Savage various guess all mysteries have one possibility is that changbai mountain has dense virgin forest, in addition to the beast, there is a strong magnetic field, after in person is very easy to get lost, and mountains, animals and birds in many big living rarely, at the age of snow, such a large number of people, want to settle down in the hills, is definitely not a simple matter.Even if these Japanese soldiers, brainwashed by militarism, want to wage war regardless, they have to consider the practical conditions. Can they get the personnel together?Where do the weapons and equipment to wage war come from?Even if they only use Changbai Mountain as a temporary foothold, there is no spare place to put them.What’s more, in the cold winter, the temperature in Changbai Mountain can be as low as minus thirty or forty degrees. Unless these people have the thick fur of Siberian tigers and polar bears, the clothes prepared by them when they flee in disorder are not enough to withstand the cold winter.Changbai mountain snow all year round and since it is so hasty escape, they carry the food definitely is not much, can eat rabbits and birds in the nest inside hibernate, even if they have enough courage to eat the tiger meat, also depends on a tiger can’t fight, under the condition of this an extremely difficult, after all, those devils really also not afraid dead on the battlefield, also there are few.In such difficult conditions, certain that some Japanese can’t stand it, is, after all, do not have enough to eat wear not warm days, they don’t want to, but think about it, those who become the Japanese prisoners of war, such a situation, somehow also free, so someone take the lead in the Japanese army violence, killing each other also is very likely, but that some, the military strength of the abs in the hands of a woman,It becomes a prime target for them to kill each other, and in the end, not to mention who wins, there are probably very few people left alive.At the same time as the Surrender of the Japanese army, some people wondered whether the Japanese army would try to return to Japan through The Changbai Mountain and Korea.Want to know, Japan launched a war of aggression, also in the north region of the people, the crazy brutal killing and torture, the Korean people for the Japanese, also is a kind of a frenzy that hate, so the Japanese even have the ability to climb over the changbai mountain, in the north area, had been killed in Korea. I’m afraid.Even when they have the ability to escape from the northeast region, north koreans will not pass them, but according to the records later, north Korea is not so much at that time the Japanese, so many number of Japanese people into north Korea, will surely lead to the high attention of China, Japan and South Korea three aspects, so this is also the basic impossible.After all, where did the Japanese troops go after entering mt. Baekdu?What happened?So far is a mystery, the above list of speculation, and also need the follow-up to continue data prove that, but, no matter what the Japanese once during the second world war, large areas of our country citizen crimes committed is undeniable, perhaps devil escape the judgment of the law and sanctions, but at the end of the end, also not much better,Although they did not experience the pain of becoming a prisoner of war, but they also experienced a country can not go back, home can not return to the day of hiding, thrilling days.