More early adopter new energy vehicles into rural consumption new favorites

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“When I went back to my hometown for the Spring Festival last year, people in the village saw me driving a new energy car, which was quite rare, and many people rushed to try it.This Spring Festival, the village suddenly had five or six new energy vehicles.”Li Ping, who lives in Anping town, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, told China Securities Journal that buying new energy vehicles has become a new trend in rural consumption.The vast rural market is an important focus for the policy to promote the development of new energy vehicle industry, and has become a “new battlefield” opened up by various car companies.Zhou Guoping, who runs a BYD 4S shop in Chenzhou, has found that more and more villagers have been experimenting with new-energy cars since last year, making them the main group of his new customers.”It is common to have a car in the countryside, but few people bought new energy cars before.In the last two years, some people in the city drove new energy vehicles back to their rural hometown, so that the village people gradually understand the benefits of new energy vehicles, car buyers up.”Zhou Guoping said.During the Spring Festival, the China securities journal reporter survey found in chenzhou AnRen anping county town, from 30000 yuan wuling MINI macro light EV – 100000 multivariate byd e2, new energy vehicles can be seen everywhere in the countryside, even the tesla in the high-end models have also been into ordinary villagers, the villagers liang-liang zhang is from guangzhou in April last year to buy a pink tesla,Attracted the attention of many fellow villagers.”At that time, my father didn’t agree to buy an electric car, but after I bought it and drove it, he knew the benefits of an electric car.”Zhang liangliang told The China Securities Journal, “Compared with mid-range and high-end models like Tesla, electric cars priced around 50,000 yuan are more acceptable in rural areas, because many people used to drive three-way cars, so switching to electric cars is like changing guns.”As Zhang Liangliang said, not to mention the replacement of electric vehicles for fuel vehicles, just considering the large number of rural tricycles and low-speed electric vehicles, the rural market of new energy vehicles is very considerable.Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of China Automobile Association, believes that electric cars will be popularized quickly in towns and rural markets, because urban and rural residents in Shandong and Henan provinces have formed the habit of using low-speed electric cars and are more adaptable to electric cars.In 2009 and 2019, two “car to the countryside” activities played an important role in boosting the domestic car market.In the past two years, the leading role of “cars to the countryside” has been replaced by new energy vehicles.In 2020 and 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments issued notices twice, pushing new energy vehicles to the countryside.January 21 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and other seven departments issued the “Promotion of green consumption implementation plan”, proposed “in-depth development of new energy vehicles to the countryside activities”.New energy vehicles that sell for about 50,000 yuan and have a range of 100 km to 300 km are suitable for the rural market.Take Changan Automobile as an example, the company’s Changan New Energy launched a number of Benzben E-Star models in the past two years.In 2021, E-Star sold 76,400 vehicles, an increase of more than three times over the same period last year. 60% to 70% of its sales came from third – and fourth-tier cities and rural areas.China Securities Journal reporter survey found that new energy vehicles in the rural market to accelerate the penetration, in addition to replacing fuel cars, low-speed electric vehicles, many villagers, especially young people for the first time when buying a car, new energy vehicles become the only choice.”Electric vehicles are quite suitable for rural use.”Zhang liangliang said that the single-family living environment is convenient for installing charging piles by oneself, and most rural trips are short distances, avoiding the biggest pain point of “range anxiety” of new energy vehicles.In addition, rural consumers are generally sensitive to prices, and the use cost of new energy vehicles is lower than that of fuel vehicles.Hu Bin, a resident of Zhushan Township, Anren County, switched to an electric car in 2020. He calculated to a reporter from China Securities Journal, “WHEN I charge my car at home, it only costs about 30 yuan and I can run about 400 kilometers once.I have driven 13,000 kilometers on this car, saving 5,000 yuan compared to the gasoline car.”Rural roads are generally narrow, and traffic jams have become common in recent years, sometimes worse than in cities, as more people buy cars in the countryside, Mr Zhang said.”My sister usually drives a gas car to work, so she spends a lot more money on gas when stuck in traffic.If you don’t step on the gas pedal, the electric car consumes almost no electricity and saves a lot of money over the course of a year.”Zhang liangliang said.In addition to the low cost of use, new energy vehicle maintenance is also more cost-effective than fuel vehicles.Hu told China Securities Journal, “I used to drive a petrol car, and it cost about 2,000 yuan a year to replace parts.The new energy car I’m driving now has a lifetime warranty except for the battery. It only costs 150 yuan a year to go to a 4S shop for a test.”In particular, A00 class new energy vehicles, which are featured in the rural market, have been highlighted to the greatest extent with their low use cost and quickly become the “new favorite” of rural automobile consumption.Non-restricted cities contributed 70 percent of new energy vehicle sales in 2021, with 58 percent of users buying A00 class electric vehicles, Said Li Jinyong, president of the New energy Vehicle branch of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, at the 2022 Electric View Conference.A00 class electric vehicles will take the lead in replacing fuel vehicles of the same level by relying on advantages such as lower travel cost than fuel vehicles by more than half. If the lack of core is not serious, the production and sales in 2022 will reach 1.5 million to 2 million units.For whether to buy new energy vehicles, Anren County Yonglejiang Town Gaopo village Liu Yu caught in a tangle.”My job requires me to go to the countryside every day,” he told China Securities Journal. “There are basically no public charging piles in the countryside. If I use a portable charging cable, the charging speed is very slow, so it is not suitable for rural users who run outside every day.”In this regard, the industry said that making up the shortcomings of new energy vehicles and expanding more use scenarios will become the key to releasing the consumption potential of the rural new energy vehicle market in the future.It is worth noting that, compared with the Notice on Launching new Energy Vehicles to the Countryside in July 2020, the Notice on Launching 2021 New Energy Vehicles to the Countryside in March 2021 was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce, and the Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration was also added.The intention to further improve rural charging infrastructure is clear.In addition, the Survey report on Rural Electrification released by China Electric Vehicle Association of 100 points out that although there are many models and versions of new energy passenger vehicles sold in the domestic market to choose from, the number of new energy vehicles sold to rural areas is still very limited.The main reason is that there is a big mismatch between existing models and rural residents’ expectations in terms of price, utility and convenience.China electric cars, for example, the committee, the survey found influenced by of the low-speed electric cars, farmers of pure electric vehicles is not exclusive, but also because of low speed electric car prices generally in 30000 yuan, the resulting price sensitive farmers refer to “scale”, and conform to farmers’ mainstream price expectations on market at present (40000-70000 yuan) of the product is not much.Not only passenger cars, But also China Electric Vehicle Association 100 points out that although there are many pure electric special vehicles with micro surface, micro card and light truck, and their performance can basically meet the cargo capacity demand (about 2 tons), most of them are for inter-city and urban use scenarios of logistics, municipal and other needs.Its model design and price are difficult to match the expectations of 80% of rural residents (less than 50,000 yuan, the range of 200 to 500 kilometers).Zhang Ping, who runs a clothing business, told the China Securities Journal that electric cars at the right price were too small and she wanted to buy one that could carry goods.He basically went to Changsha to purchase, a round trip of almost 500 kilometers, the cheap mileage is short, can not meet the needs.”It would be nice to have one of those electric minivans with a lot of space, a good price and a good range.”Zhang ping said.