Reddit is also “testing” the creator of the NFT avatar feature: NFT games will dominate the market within five years

2022-07-26 0 By

On the heels of Twitter’s announcement last week that it was opening up a new NFT profile picture feature, Reddit is reportedly testing out a way for users to make their NFT profile pictures their own.However, the official description feature is still in the early stages and is not available yet, and there is no timetable for its launch.Co-founder Alexis Ohanian said in a recent interview that NFT games will have 90 percent of the market within five years.Reddit, which claims to be the “largest online hub” in the US, is testing a new feature that would allow users to set NFT as their profile picture, Techcrunch reported On Tuesday, following Twitter’s announcement last week that it would allow NFT profile pictures.Reddit explained that the NFT feature is still in its very early stages and has not yet been pushed to users, nor has it made a final decision on whether to roll it out.”We’re always looking to provide value to Reddit users and the community,” said Reddit spokesman Tim Rathschmidt.Testing NFT as personal avatar and verifying ownership.This isn’t the first time Reddit has jumped into the NFT space. Back in the middle of last year, CryptoSnoo NFT, which is based on Ethereum, was launched. Users can connect NFT to their personal Reddit account, and CryptoSnoo NFT will become the Avatar of Reddit.And collectible NFT cards will appear in the personally identifiable information column.In addition, user reviews have animated effects that let everyone know you are a CryptoSnoo NFT holder.But the community had a mixed reaction to CryptoSnoos at the time.Many users were outraged by Reddit’s extension to NFT, calling it “stupid,” “gimmick” or worse in response to the post.Others worry that the high price of NFT will keep many people out of ecosystems;But some showed neutral curiosity and even supported Reddit’s efforts.As reported late last year, the Reddit team said it had created a waiting list, tested a community points token reward program, and expanded features on the site.The plan allows sub-sections to apply to create their own tokens and, like existing Karma Points, users can earn tokens by Posting or uploading valuable content and volunteering to assist the feedback community.Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, said in a recent interview that he is optimistic about the concept of “Play to Earn” as a new form of gaming, predicting that it will dominate the gaming world in just a few years, and turning his attention to blockchain and crypto-related projects.Five years from now, you will truly value your time and not be cut off for advertising or tricked into buying stupid hammers that you don’t actually own. 90% of players will play NFT games, which are also fun and profitable.