Reinventing modern luxury: NVIDIA announces a partnership with Jaguar Land Rover

2022-07-26 0 By

The NVIDIA DRIVE software-defined platform will be available on all Jaguar and Land Rover models from 2025.JLR and NVIDIA are redefining modern luxury by incorporating intelligence into the customer experience.As part of its “Reinvent the future” strategy, JLR announced on 16 February that it will develop new future models on the full-stack NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion 8 platform with DRIVE Orin, providing a variety of active safety, autonomous driving and parking systems for these vehicles.And a driver assistance system built on DRIVE AV software.The system will also use the DRIVE IX software stack to provide in-car AI capabilities, including driver and passenger monitoring and advanced visualization.The renowned modern luxury car maker will work with NVIDIA, a leader in AI computing, from 2025 to build software-defined features for future Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and continuously improve various autonomous driving and intelligence features.This will help JLR create the most attractive vehicles in the world, while retaining the unique personalised design elements of jaguar and Land Rover models and revolutionising the customer driving experience.The vehicles will be built on a unified computing architecture that enables continuous value creation and innovative business models for customers through software-defined services.Centralized computing and intelligent capabilities that can be upgraded over OTAs will enhance supply chain management.To redefine the reliable modern luxury car, the next step is to add AI features that are safe and convenient.Thierry Bollore, CHIEF executive officer of JAGUAR Land Rover, said: “Our long-term strategic partnership with NVIDIA offers great potential for future vehicles as we continue our transformation into a truly multinational digital enterprise.”Future Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will use NVIDIA AI for end-to-end development.The development effort starts in the data center.Engineers from both companies will work together to train, test and validate new autonomous driving features using NVIDIA data center solutions.This includes the data center hardware, software and workflow needed to develop and validate autonomous driving technology from raw data collection through validation.The NVIDIA DGX supercomputer provides the building blocks needed for DNN development and training, while DRIVE Sim provides the verification, replay and testing capabilities needed to achieve a safe autonomous driving experience in simulation.With NVIDIA Omniverse, engineers can collaborate in virtual Spaces and fully test and validate these DNNS with the generated high-fidelity synthetic data.JLR will deploy the full-stack solution on the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion, “the central nervous system of the vehicle.”NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion is built into the vehicle’s “brain” — DRIVE Orin’s centralized AI computing platform — and includes vehicle safety and occupant safety systems, networking and sensors for autonomous driving, parking and smart cockpit applications.NVIDIA DRIVE Orin is the world’s best software and AI engineers from NVIDIA and JAGUAR Land Rover to provide future vehicles with improvements and support throughout the life cycle of the vehicle.”The next generation of vehicles will make the automotive industry one of the largest and most advanced technology industries,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA.Programmable software-defined vehicles will continue to provide new features and services throughout their life cycle.”With a new intelligent architecture and the transition to zero-emission drive systems, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will not only transform the customer experience, but also become more environmentally friendly.In addition to electrifying all of its vehicles in the future, the automaker’s other goal is to achieve net zero carbon emissions in its supply chain, products and operations by 2039, perfectly blending sustainability with its long heritage.Through the development of smart cars and supported by NVIDIA high-performance computing, JLR is investing in technologies that bring safety, convenience and comfort to all road users.This sense of responsibility will continue to resonate with consumers for decades to come in this new era of reinventing the luxury experience.