“All subjects” teachers are full of talents: one is the art troupe, old age life is not “rust”

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In the cold winter, an old man appeared on the streets of Hanan Shamao in Wuhan, making the local scene very lively.Fan Suoyuan, a 79-year-old man, brought his “intangible cultural heritage” technique, sugar painting, to the streets and streets during the Spring Festival, where passers-by stood and watched.Fan Suoyuan is not only a sugar painter, but also a prolific and versatile artist.Before retirement, he was a primary school “all subjects” teacher, excelling in mathematics, music and sports.Crescent knife, ground writing pen, violin, accordion…Nowadays, fan Suoyuan’s home is filled with talent instruments.He put on wonderful “personal program” every day, so that his old life does not “rust”.Jan 30 is the 29th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar.At the end of the New Year, the famous sugar painting in Hannan, Wuhan, quietly appeared at the gate of the local market, attracting citizens to stop and watch.Fan Suoyuan, who made sugar paintings here, is a local sugar painting celebrity.Over the years, his candy has become a fixture at Hannan’s Spring Festival.At the scene, Fan Suoyuan grabbed the iron spoon with a thick handle and picked up the sugar from the pot, then sprinkled it on the bright marble slab, lifting, stopping, releasing and retracting it at a rapid speed.In less than two minutes, as the sugar drips down, a lifelike tiger emerges.In 1943, Fan Suoyuan was born in Huangpi, Wuhan.In the 1970s, he brought his son to wuhan Children’s Hospital in Hankou to see a doctor.At the hospital gate, Fan Suoyuan saw a sugar painting stall business is very hot.After a long pause, Fan suoyuan observed the process of making sugar paintings. He found that it was a skilled craft and could make a lot of money if he learned it.Fan suoyuan, who had three children and was under great pressure to support his family, decided on the spot to learn from the sugar painter, whom he had never met.He plucked up courage and spoke boldly. Unexpectedly, the master was generous and readily agreed.After that, Fan Suoyuan learned that the teacher in front of him was Yi Fushan, a sugar painting celebrity in Wuhan.Fan Suoyuan quickly learned the essence of sugar painting from sugar painting masters.”I haven’t borrowed a penny from anyone since I set up the candy stand!”Fan Suoyuan told reporters that in order to make ends meet, he had been heavily in debt, is yi Fushan master and the craft, let him completely out of trouble.Over the decades, Fan Suoyuan has perfected his sugar painting skills and developed into a unique artistic style from the original means of livelihood.In 2016, Paradigm sugar painting was selected into the Intangible Cultural Heritage project of Wuhan Economic Development Zone. His best work is a dragon shaped three-dimensional sugar painting dozens of centimeters high.In 1962, fan Suoyuan, who graduated from technical secondary school, followed her sister to Wuhan Hannan East Jing farm farming.Not long after, a group of young men from the city came to the farm. They not only worked there, but they also brought with them a wide range of knowledge.Fan Suoyuan, who had a good academic record in the college, got along with these young intellectuals every day on the farm and heard a lot of new things from them, which opened his eyes and benefited him deeply.Due to the influence of young intellectuals, Fan Suoyuan is more interested in reading and learning, not only familiar with the capital, Stalin’s complete works and other world classics, but also learned a lot of music knowledge, but also learned to play a lot of Musical Instruments.”Life on the farm was wonderful, and I often organised piano games.”Recalling that time, Fan suoyuan was also proud. “People said that this little Fan knew a lot and would be promising in the future.”Though he had lived in poverty, Fan suoyuan’s ability to be knowledgeable and versatile was realized.In 1984, he became a “general practice” teacher at Dongjing Central Elementary School, teaching math and taking on several other jobs, teaching music and physical education to children.When talking about the various talents and skills she learned, Fan suddenly became serious. “Not only am I eager to learn, but when I become a teacher, I have to be a good example.”He told reporters that as a teacher, he had to ask himself “to give students a ladle of water, there must be a bucket of water.””You see, I haven’t forgotten all this.”At this point, Fan Suoyuan smiled and said, he invited reporters to his home.”Besides sugar painting, I’m good at reverse calligraphy.”Immediately, Fan suoyuan found a writing pen from the balcony of his home, dipped it in water, held it in his left hand and wrote four inverted Chinese characters on the ground: “Good Luck in the Year of the Tiger.””Haha, speaking of my fate with reverse calligraphy, it’s just a joke!”Fan Suoyuan joked, and shared his story with reporters.”When I was young, there were outdoor movies in the village, and I never got the best seats.”Fan suoyuan told reporters that one day he found that almost no one would sit on the back of the screen, so he took a different approach, sitting on the back of the screen and watching it backwards.Since then, he from reverse reading to practice with his left hand writing, fun, “when I am in class, the right hand can not write on the board, on the left hand to write, as clear and beautiful.”Crescent knife, violin, accordion…In fan Suoyuan home, in addition to ink and paper inkstone, the reporter saw all kinds of instruments full of beautiful things in eyes.At the reporter’s request, the silver-haired Fan Suoyuan played with these instruments one by one: playing dozens of jin of homemade crescent knife on the playground, and singing while holding an accordion in the yard.See this nearly 80 years old man so can “whole live”, the reporter has been amazed, but the nearby residents have already commonplace.”Teacher Fei can perform a show for us every day, so to speak, he alone is a troupe!”The neighbor Zhao dad envied Fan Suoyuan’s diverse talents and healthy body.Now, Fan Suoyuan has children and grandchildren, a happy life.He believed that such a fruitful old age could not have been possible without his tireless learning when he was young. “I am very willing to accept new things, so that I can stay young forever!”More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.