Better be a “tail” than a “head”

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There is a classic saying: “What kind of person you are with, you will have your life.”Yes, birds of a feather flock together;One takes on the color of one’s company.Think about it. Do many of your decisions and thoughts, even your lifestyle and habits, depend on your close friends?We should never underestimate the power of our friends. Be with the person you want to be.If you want to be a healthy person, be with a healthy person, because he will tell you how to take care of your body;If you want to be happy and positive, surround yourself with happy and positive people because they will show you how to have a happy and positive attitude.If you want to lose weight, never with a fat together, in addition to genetic factors, fat is often because he does not know abstinence, you are affected by his, that weight loss is impossible to succeed.It’s the company you keep that determines your life.A person who lives among the poor must say goodbye to his own class in order to become rich.This is not betrayal, but self-development and change.But most of the poor like to walk poor relatives, exclusion and rich contacts, as time goes by, the mentality of the poor became the mentality of the poor, the thinking of the poor, to do business is the model of the poor.Similarly, if a poor person lives among rich people, he is exposed to the rich people’s way of thinking and doing things, and slowly out of the poor class.Paul Allen was once thought to be a man who “accidentally became a billionaire.”Actually, this is a misunderstanding. The real reason is that Allen and Gates had been together since they were young, and they were kindred spirits and did business together.His future was sealed when they incorporated a computer software development company in Boston called Microsoft, with Bill Gates as president and Paul Allen as vice president.Now Microsoft has become a powerful enterprise in the world, the general manager Bill Gates has become known as the world’s rich.Allen, a deputy general manager, is one of the richest people on Forbes’ list, with a personal fortune of $21 billion.This is the power of poor and rich friends over a man.There is a saying in the Talmud: Living with wolves, you can only learn to howl. Contact with those who are good, and you will be well influenced by what you see and hear and become a good person.When people stand on a higher platform and starting point, they will have a broader vision, higher goals and a broader mind, which will give people more opportunities to make progress.Therefore, surround yourself with the person you want to be.If you want to be a success, want to be a rich man, then no matter how poor you are, keep standing among the rich.Only when the poor stand among the rich, absorb their thoughts of becoming rich, and compare their successful state, can they truly achieve the goal of becoming rich.Of course, “fengtail is good”, does not mean that the tail will always be, if there is such a thought, even if it was originally a “chicken head”, will soon become a “chicken tail”.Therefore, we advocate “fengwei good”, the key is not “tail”, but “feng”, as long as you are a hard “feng”, I believe that you will eventually get the opportunity of rebirth.