Is it an “accident” for the Chinese Volleyball Association to release the detailed technical data of top Chinese women’s volleyball players?

2022-07-27 0 By

As for the detailed technical data of our top women’s volleyball players, whether it is necessary to keep secret to the public? We hope some experts can give a professional opinion.Personally, I think it is necessary to keep these data confidential for two reasons. First, I am very skilled in using foreign languages, and I like to read and collect the technical information on the official websites of FIVB and EUVB. However, I have never seen such detailed technical data of foreign women volleyball players anywhere.Second, although I am not a professional, I have a feeling that these statistics are too valuable for the direct competitors of Chinese women’s volleyball team, such as Italy, the United States and Serbia, including the rising Russian team (which Terdzic is going to lead).According to the reason, if it should be kept secret, the volleyball association should not be posted on the official website, which is the least they should have literacy.Society platoon, however, had put up the “comrade Zhang Ran” website, cause strong dislike of the broad masses of the people have a sense of justice, society platoon in the middle of the night to be Posting a clean, their internal management confusion, the low of the executive ability, it is a hash, let I doubt this suddenly open these technical data, is an “accident” society platoon.This article is SteiniStudio original work, unauthorized, please do not reprint.