Mercedes suv crashed into hun River, rescue for 3 days!

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“Success!We’ve got it!”At 12:50 on February 7, The river near The Xixia Valley of Shenyang Hun River accompanied by a shout from the crowd rescue workers from the glacier will be a Mercedes suv lifted up Mercedes car unexpectedly fell into the glacier “the incident at that time, is really breathtaking!”The Red Cross in shenyang shengjing rescue volunteers Li Xianzhi memories – about 40 points on February 4, 12, big pan in a canyon, hun river west hun river ice, tried a mercedes-benz drove forward, open open, when the car drove up to the middle of the river, the driver saw the ice in front of like thin, slammed on the brakes, suddenly, the ice crack out a hole,Two front wheels fell off one after the other, trapping the car between the ice and the icy water.”The driver was a man in his 40s or 50s,” the source said. The man, who was still holding a console, immediately opened the driver’s door, abandoned the car and jumped onto the ice.At the same time, he called to the driver behind him through the console.The driver was driving a Mercedes SUV, followed by four other cars, and several of the drivers were planning to “play” on the ice.One of the cars had gone down into the ice, and the other three cars were parked on the bank, their drivers watching.As soon as the Mercedes SUV reached the middle of the river, it encountered an emergency.Hearing the driver’s call, the second car on the ice immediately turned around and drove back to safety.”It took only a few minutes for the two front wheels to hit the water and the whole body to hit the water.””The insider said.Wu Zhongyong, 48, is the head of the Shenyang Red Cross Shengjing Rescue Team. At around 13:00 on February 4, he immediately called in more than 40 rescuers after receiving a call for help.”I made field measurements and found that the ice was only 12cm at its thinnest point. In theory, the ice would have to be at least 30cm thick to be safe for a motor vehicle to travel on.”Captain Wu said that the Mercedes car fell into the water weight of 2.7 tons, apparently, the accident site of the ice can not carry weight.At the beginning, the rescue plan was to drag the car directly from the water to the shore, but the unexpected difficulty was: on the river bank, there was a slope protection anchor stone under the water, the largest diameter of about 1 meter, blocking the direction of the car displacement.Helpless, can only choose the car from the underwater to the ice thick location displacement……Eventually, about 20 meters from the crash site, the car was successfully lifted onto the 35cm thick ice, and then towed to shore by a trailer.The rescue lasted for three days due to the twists and turns of the rescue operation.During this period, heard the news from all directions came in an endless stream of netizens, some netizens also live broadcast the salvage scene with mobile phones.It is understood that the participation in the rescue, shenyang Red Cross Shengjing rescue team, Shenyang huu it brigade and Sujiatun, Hunnan district car rescue team cooperation completed.Rescue operations are for the public good.After 3 days of rescue, the warm-hearted citizens finally succeeded in salvaging the car.Due to the timely rescue, the accident car was only the rear of the car damage.Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident.In this reminder to play car although cool, safety price higher!Vehicles driving on the ice is very prone to danger, for the safety of their own lives and others, please stay away from the ice!Source: Shenyang Evening News