Rebirth of Tang iii: Book 11, chapter 604

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Chapter 604: Death stands in my way!The sky like golden energy halo, as if lit up this piece of land covered by night, this scene, just like the original dark world, is directly divided into two different “boundaries”.On one side is the “endless” darkness, and on the other side is the “endless light” light.The two sides were born as “old enemies”, each bursting with their own “full glory”.This moment, the dark demon demon emperor first one leng, but “arrow on the string, have to send”, even if he is absolutely did not think of, the other side actually have the strength to fight back, he also have to hard scalp top, only in this way, he can win the possibility, even if not win, at least also absolutely not fiasco.”Boom –” the two streams represent the will energy of both sides, and what is retained is the complete collision with this one.At that moment, all the sights and things around, like inexplicable into the forbidden state.The air seemed to stop moving completely, and the whole space seemed to be in “eternity” for a moment.However, as both parties involved in the attack, they can only feel a kind of “violent, fierce” energy that can not help but rush into their own body, in that crazy “devour, destroy.”It seems that if anyone can’t hold on, then the losing party must belong to him.However, this feeling only lasted for a moment, a burst of “destroy the sky and destroy the earth” like energy explosion, is the two people belong to the body, completely completely swallowed and submerged in it.From a distance, it looks like a mushroom cloud of energy beams rising from the spot.”This is it.”However, in the “Tang three” there is no accident at all, but a little surprise soliloquize.Then he raised his hand and threw something into the “thick fog” in front of him.”Ah!” followed a rich light, and a terrible scream.After a long time.When the “fog” that wraps 2 people gradually begin to dissipate, see the figure that belongs to dark demon big demon emperor, be to show in situ afresh.At this time, he, the whole person’s heart, is covered by an “unprecedented” fear, just now, he even had a feeling that he would immediately “die”.But that feeling went away as quickly as it came.Seems to be in the next moment, and he has been fighting for relative breath, just disappear.And then there was the reappearance of him.He released the full force is to perceive everything around, trying to check, just the name of the “Neptune” strong whether there is still.However, no matter how hard he searched, even when he looked thousands of miles away, he found nothing.Finally, his relief is mumbling a voice: “I said, block me to die, whether you are sea god or shura, with me against the end, only” death “!”(to be continued) Public number: Douluo has been authorized to this article