The all-new BMW Z4 roadster takes you on a journey without restraint

2022-07-28 0 By

In today’s car market, BMW Z4 is BMW, and its exterior is one of the most popular models.Its appearance level is also quite high, not only internal, but also very characteristic, it is equipped with a 10.25 inch central control LCD screen, support for touch and voice operation, very complete functions.In this way, BMW’s way of operation is also very in line with people’s taste, and this car is still relatively outstanding in the same level.Face before the design of the car is very interesting, the family of BMW design language, big chy-tech very recognizable, light up the lights and LED daytime running lights, is integrated in the rearview mirror, can have high lighting effect in the night, the shape of the front bumper is a movement, taillights group is also very beautiful, inside also has a LED light source, has a good visual effect.The new BMW Z4 adopts the family’s latest design language, with a hexagonal front air intake grille and an exaggerated large light set that looks aggressive.In addition, the new front bumper and taillights also feature a new styling.The new car also has improved side design changes and added a thick chafing strip to the front fins.In addition, the body side line design is relatively straight, with sliding back style, sliding back roof design, so that it has a good recognition.From the side of the car, the new BMW Z4 has a very compact body design, with a very straight waist line. At the same time, it adopts a two-color patchwork design, with a black trim around the window, which makes it look more delicate.The shape design of this car is very grand, its front face part adopts the design style of hexagon, the shape of the big lamp group is very sharp, and the overall view is also very scientific and technological.As can be seen from the official picture, BMW Z4 has a very stylish exterior design. The front face adopts the hexagonal air intake grille model of BMW family style, and is equipped with black air intake port. The overall shape looks sporty.The side lines of the body are simple, smooth and powerful, while the tail shape is very full. The lower edge of the door is decorated with a lot of chrome, which makes the whole vehicle look more dynamic, and the overall appearance level performance is also very excellent.The new roof design is very design sense, and the roof is also the use of black painting, in the car using a lot of chrome decoration, looks more fashionable.The taillight part of this car has a high recognition, and when it is lit at night, the lighting effect is very good, and the taillight design is quite characteristic, the internal lamp group adopts LED light source design, the visual effect is very bright after being lit at night.On the side, the waist line of the car extends from the front wing to the rear to make the car look more fluid, while a black scratch-proof front and rear spoiler further adds a sporty atmosphere.The rear of the car is also very simple design, taillights also adopt the popular integrated design, after lighting up the high recognition.In the rear part, the new BMW Z4 also maintains a high overall shape with the ordinary version of the car, using a slender LED rear taillight group, the overall look is very fashionable.From the picture, the appearance of the new BMW Z4 model and the old model to keep the same.In terms of the front face, the design style of the front face of the new car is relatively flat, and the shape of the headlamp groups on both sides is sharp, and it is smoked black.