Auchan Z6, the “strongest brain” in car models, can even interact with car models by voice

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Why travel through time?Some people say that at or above the speed of light, you can go into the future.Some say it is possible to travel through time on a quantum scale.Others say that a black hole is a narrow tunnel connecting two different space-time.Auchan Z6, a “car robot”, is slowly opening a door of the future for us with the key of intelligence. The car is no longer just a means of transportation, but an intelligent cockpit bearing happiness.When such a picture about the future is more and more clearly displayed in front of our eyes, also let more and more people look forward to.In order to meet this expectation, the chairman of Auchan Automobile took part in the event on April 8 and officially opened blind ordering through the live broadcast of the release of energy box models.Voice interaction, ingenuity pour, Auchan Z6 energy box value for sale!Reject the coldness and embrace the warmth. As an automobile robot, Auchan Z6 firmly holds the characteristics of high intelligence on its own body. Even the car model is endowed with intelligent attributes.Auchan Z6 intelligent car model restores the voice function of the world’s first full-scene intelligent car, making it no longer just a display in the cabinet, but also an intelligent toy that can talk to it.Outside gather technology and energy, inside contain wisdom and happiness.Simulation alloy body, fine paint process, restore the real car touch, extraordinary quality, full of details.The 1:18 ratio is exquisitely made, and the high-end texture and exquisite style of the vehicle are also copied 100%, which is of great collection value.In the studio, Auchan Auto chairman He Chaobing personally appeared with goods, and bring cash, fuel cards, car money and other six benefits.299 yuan under the order, that is to enjoy the high 1697 yuan blind order 6 big gifts, car model gift: value of 899 yuan Auchan Z6 1:18 zinc alloy reserve energy box car model;Reordering gift: 399 yuan reordering cash refueling card;Deductible gift: 299 YUAN auchan Z6 car deductible;Sharing gift: If you share a picture of a car model with 26 likes on any social media platform, you will get 100 yuan in cash.Lift gift: Auchan Z6 priority lift privilege;Invitation: Priority to participate in auchan Z6 online and offline activities;For such a valuable blind booking activity, please go to Auchan StyleAPP or Auchan Auto Douyin and Kuaishou official accounts to buy it as soon as possible.In addition to the extraordinary quality of the car model energy box, as the new aesthetic wisdom flagship SUV Auchan Z6, starting from the actual needs of users, will lead the trend of intelligent equipment into their own, different from the traditional sense of “intelligent”.The world’s first full-scene intelligent car voice, so that auchan Z6 more vitality.When you approach it, it will actively greet “Z6 is in position and ready to go”;When you find that the parking space is too narrow, the main door is not easy to open can directly say “Z6 out of the car”;When you can’t open the back door with your hands, just say “Open the trunk.”In terms of in-car voice interaction, Auchan Z6 is equipped with industry-leading eye-wake interaction system to realize the third-generation in-car voice interaction mode of “eye-trigger, mind-interaction”.Extreme speed experience is the basic premise of all interactions. Mediatek’s 8-core chip with 2.0ghz ultra-high computing frequency brings extreme speed performance, which can reach 0.8s voice wake up, 1s face recognition, 1s extreme startup, 1s lightning networking.The warmth of the new car created by YYDS digital twin image is more flexible, the owner can establish a metaverse image in the car with their own or relatives appearance and voice, custom interaction object, warm company anytime and anywhere.The EaglePilot7.0 all-voice valet parking system also got some rave reviews.12 ultrasonic radars, 3 millimeter wave radars, 4 1.2 million pixel ultra-high definition cameras, 4 highly sensitive microphones, fusion perception, all-round detection, so that Auchan Z6 to achieve full voice automatic parking, comprehensive solution to users difficult parking, difficult to move the car and other problems.In addition, ar-HUD augmented reality head-up display system, a new generation of IACC adaptive cruise system, 12 active driving assistance systems at the navigator level, one-button safe overtaking mode, the industry’s original one-button rest mode for first-class class, the industry’s original vehicle-free KTV singing system and other rich highlights of the function configuration.For Auchan Z6, we have jointly created six cabin modes that can adapt to different scenarios of users, such as intelligent travel safety cabin, intelligent enjoy comfortable cabin, intelligent driving fun cabin, intelligent interaction cabin, intelligent fun entertainment cabin and intelligent car control cabin, which deeply confirms the development concept of “user demand is the rule”.Auchan Z6 has three power systems: Blue Whale IDD full-range hybrid system, Blue Whale 2.0T+ Aisin 8AT and Blue Whale 1.5T+7DCT.Blue Whale IDD full-range hybrid system engine maximum net power 122kW, maximum net torque 255N·m, motor peak power 110kW, peak torque 330N·m;Blue Whale 2.0t + Aisin 8AT power system has a maximum of 233 horsepower, peak torque of 390N·m power reserve, 100 km acceleration into 6 seconds;Blue Whale 1.5T+7DCT power system, maximum rated power 138KW, maximum torque 300N·m, low turn and high twist, leading at the same level.Z6 auchan vehicle technology, both sports design style, extremely visual impact, become a compact SUV “tough guy”.The length of the car is 4699mm, the height of the car is 1660mm, and the wheelbase of the car is 2795mm, which makes the axle length ratio reach 0.595, leading the class. The short distance and long axle design enhance the forward stiffness.The width of the widest 1890mm car of the same class brings a height to width ratio of 0.878, creating the optimal low lying posture without sacrificing space and maintaining adequate sports style.The design of the front face and the grille emphasizes the combination of light and shadow, and a large number of straight and sharp lines make the front of the car look sharp and angular no matter from any Angle.The 3D raised lamp corner shape is like the multi-layer reflection of a prism, making the whole lamp crystal clear visually.The lines of the side body are also very tough, using more concise cutting surface, more solid, with the arc surface, to create the image of the mecha warrior.The turning area of the rear side circumference and tail is formed in one go, tight and powerful.Tail concave and convex, contour relaxation degree, flexible, continuous ups and downs.The quality of auchan Z6 cabin is more attractive.Entering the cabin, the three-screen cockpit with 10.25-inch instrument screen, 12.3-inch center control screen and 9.2-inch small European screen is the most eye-catching and full of sense of science and technology.And the three screens can realize intelligent linkage. For example, when the main driver needs to navigate, the navigation information can be projected onto the instrument screen. If the user in the back row wants to read the lyrics when listening to music, the lyrics can be projected onto the third screen.In addition to the linkage between the three screens, the function of four-screen interaction, five-screen interaction and six-screen interconnection can also be used to achieve seamless information sharing and synchronous switching.The ribbed machine armor high quality decorative plate of the central control console, the ribbed technology, the quality of craftsmanship hidden in the meantime;Obsidian piano paint air conditioning air outlet adopts darker piano black, which is superior to the ordinary black matte texture and improves the sense of lightness and quality of the whole space.The ergonomic design of the integrated sports seat perfectly supports the sitting position of the driver. The backrest and headrest are asymmetrically designed with linear cutting, matched with symmetrical color blocks, to highlight the dynamic vitality. The integrated design of headrest is a professional racing style.It is worth mentioning that auto robot Auchan Z6 also designed a super silver wing to achieve one-button safety overtaking, driving mode switch, cruise acceleration and manual shift fast switch, control speed and passion at any time.Write last: Today, technology is leading the automotive industry into a new future.Auchan automotive insight, with intelligent ambition, observing the changes of The Times, grasping the trend, leading the future, launched the “car robot” Z6, officially press the acceleration button of intelligent layout.This high intelligence, high quality, high performance of the new model, has not been launched has earned enough eyeballs.Let’s wait and see what surprises the robot will bring in the future.