Full shuke new album to listen to feel relaxed and comfortable, Wang Yi and pharaoh’s songs shake feeling good

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Without further ado, let’s begin today’s Doctor music Review.OB03’s new single “Can I Have a Few More Minutes?” This song is really fun. It’s a dog licking love song.This song is quite distinctive among liupeng’s works of Chinese rap.It is mainly more popular soft beauty.The song is paved with a lot of electronic sounds, effects and melodies with a milder tone on reuben’s base. In addition to rhythm guitar and drums, melody guitar and piano are obviously more popular.In addition to auto-tune, the effect is obviously a lot of reverb.The song is beautifully done, the vocals are on line, falsetto and rage are smooth, and the pop composition is adequate.In the Chinese rap circle can be said to be a very high level of a liupeng.Toy Wang Yi collaborated with Pharaoh “A Plus”, A Trap work with good shake.First of all, this song has two loops with excellent melody and rhythm, which have a unique “curry taste” and can match the beat rhythm. Besides, this song is mainly 808, without Tyga Type, it also has Tyga shake feeling.Although the Flow and accent of Pharaoh in this song are a little stiff, the accompaniment itself is my favorite type, and nothing can be wrong with the shaking, but there is no antipathy.Liu Cong new single “green jade”, Lao Dao this first accompaniment do beautiful, very taste is European land, Disco flavor too thick, no matter synthesizer, guitar, drums are selected very beautiful.This year, there are a lot of retro pop in Europe and the United States, but the modern traces are too obvious. This song is completely retro, unlike the product of 2022.However, I don’t like the auto-tune of the vocal part very much, because in the 90s, both male and female voices are very sexy and colorful, and the auto-tune will no longer have that taste.Thin Man’s new single, “Amazing,” opens with a bit of ’80s stuff, and it gets down to business with that cadence, and the song is “Donda.” Kanye’s shadow is too heavy: modern music, bass-hum Gospel.The arrangement is very dull, but I think thin man’s tone is not suitable for such a low atmosphere. Instead, it is the sampling of various spirituals and Gospel that makes this song perfect, vigorous and high.There’s nothing you can do about a vocal mismatch.In the last section, there’s a lot of harmonic masking to make up for that.GEM GEM’s debut solo album More Than.The album has six songs in advance, and we all know how it’s been received.Two new singles have been released, “Garden of Forked Paths” and “Best Day of My Life.”These two songs are stronger than the previous ones, but also limited.”Garden where Paths Diverge” is a beautiful arrangement, Loop is a fantastic keyboard sound, but the Rap is too white, just flat, and the sound field feels strange, like chanting on my face.”The most beautiful day in my life” this song is not ugly, but the old uncle is obviously no vocal training, all rely on voice voice, voice no texture, no sinking, KTV level things, but at least humming can, the whole song melody composition is also good, more comfortable.The album currently has 3.6 points on douban, which is not surprising, and also the lowest score for a Chinese rap album in my memory.His new single “Me and U,” which will be home soon, is his usual, upbeat Sing Rap.I like the later stage of this song very much. The vocal loudness and position are very appropriate. In a situation of full arrangement and cheerful vocal melody, this method can fully express both the rhythm and the joy brought by the lead guitar without overplaying the orchestration.Personally, I think the drum tone is a little heavy, which is no longer basic in this atmosphere, but a little too prominent.Ty., KnowKnow, Shi Xi Tong’s new single “Say Goodbye”.The track’s album blurb states that it “incorporates the infectious Band Sound”, and I wonder, since when did the Band form become a promotional point?In my impression, one of EXO’s idols released his personal album last year, which was also used as a gimmick.I love acoustic music, and even if acoustic music can do it, software can do it, but some fingering on a Solo guitar, for example, or a more complicated Shuffle, it still has to be recorded.However, this song does not give too much expression to the instrumental music. It is relatively smooth and the format is HipHop Loop.And this song is strange, a little Funk Pop flavor, but to Hook a little liupeng flavor.Although the arrangement is comfortable and full of rhythm, it always feels inconsistent and does not embody the essence of Bandsound.Man Shuk’s new album Melody Note.The album is casual in nature, not a particularly formal album, the melodic composition is the same, still Sing Rap, without a particularly impressive composition.In addition, the style is a bit repetitive, without an album concept, each song is interpreted from different angles, so that each song memory points are not particularly sufficient.This album is more like a compilation, but casual is good, at least it sounds less stressful.More impressive is “sleepless night” this first line of singles, a guitar phrase is very beautiful, but the overall taste of restoring ancient ways to control more balanced, full of popular feeling.This kind of arrangement is not too “serious”, but here man Shuke can control his own unique style through his own melody creation.CJ Mi Mi’s new album, The Plan, is a whopping 808 pages long.11 songs 8 Trap arrangement, and these 8 songs have one thing in common, is silly funny.I quite like the thoughtful writing style, full of very strong confidence, has a very good influence, some of the sichuan dialect dialect added to feel warm, to present the audience with the musical image of this man is cool and down-to-earth.Trap music with so many pages sounds not boring, mainly due to its Flow characteristics, syncopation is quite smooth, a bit BoomBap foundation.I prefer him to do some trickery and complex Flow in traps.However, I have no feeling for his other three BoomBap works, his timbre and performance mood are too high, just like Drunk, I think this is not particularly suitable for BoomBap, without that old and rough feeling.Feibao’s new album is destined to heaven, which has a good reputation among my Guangdong friends.There are many songs that have the taste of early 90s. The drums are simple. A few samples with rough sound but enough time labels are added to make them full.The album also features some of the best players in the golden age style, and some songs have a slight HipHop feel, simple but not humble.This album is very suitable for BoomBap fans, the most direct and comfortable Groove.But for me, this album sounds more labored than English songs. The whole album is written in Cantonese and the lyrics are all written in vernacular Chinese, so I can’t even get started on Baidu.Kandi, AA, Oliver Jiang, OWEN and PISSY formed a new team called WEGO and released two new singles, “WEGO” and “I Can’t Play You and I Go”.The song “WEGO” is the best interpretation of their style, which is direct cool and dry. They are all good at playing Flow. In such a high BPM and radical distortion guitar, they basically fight at home.This song is very suitable for live performance, pure show Flow can give the audience the most intuitive “blast”. Secondly, the distortion guitar of this song is really interesting, but in order to retain the clear vocal loudness, it is a pity.On the live sound, the 808 with this guitar is really bombing the eardrums.The second song “Play but you and I go” is a pop song with Disco rhythm.The arrangement of this song is really good, choose a little European rhythm group tone, set on the big reverb is very attached to other melody orchestration dreamlike feeling.Sha Yiting collaborated with Lin Fan’s new single “Fake smile”. In fact, the content of this song is a little introverted and withdrawn, not EMO, but it is not the kind of upward content.However, the accompaniment of this song chooses a very gentle and warm atmosphere. The acoustic music is gentle and sexy under the rhythm of Bass. The expression opposite to the content is actually quite interesting.My understanding is that this song is not a sad expression, but a way to enjoy loneliness and enjoy their own world.Such people are, to use a somewhat cynical phrase, “dead children”.Which of these songs do you like best? Let us know in the comments.