Gu Ailing: It’s a great opportunity to learn women’s halfpipe

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Source:Zhang Jiakou, Feb. 18 (xinhua hao Shuai) China’s Gu Ailing won the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 18. Gu Ailing scored 95.25 points to win the gold medal, which is the eighth gold medal for China’s sports delegation at this Winter Olympic Games. Li Fanghui won the fifth.Zhang Kexin set a new personal best in winter Olympics and won the 7th place.Canada swept the second and third places.Gu Wore the National flag.Gu Scored 93.25 points on her first skate to establish the lead.In the second round, Gu chose a higher difficulty and scored 95.25 to clinch the win.In the end, Gu won the gold medal, the second gold medal and the third medal of this Winter Olympics.Gu Was very happy to win the eighth gold medal for the Chinese sports delegation at these Winter Olympics.”I’m so happy,” she said. “To be able to do my best and enjoy the process, and to have two gold MEDALS and a silver medal at home is incredible.I want to thank my friends for supporting me. This gold medal was not achieved by myself, but by all of us.”The match was instantaneous.Before the third jump, Gu burst into tears when she heard the announcement that she had won the gold medal.”I couldn’t imagine, at the age of 18, standing on the stage in the Winter Olympics.And today’s game is only three chances, there will be a lot of accidents at the same time, I cried because feel pay so much, so love this sport, do so much time to prepare, and then finally did, the feeling is a bit like hold your breath for a long time, and then sigh out a deep breath, very comfortable!”Looking back at Gu Ailing’s three Winter Olympics events, what impressed the audience the most and the most exciting moment was not the race that was sure to win, but the process of suspense in the first two events.When asked about the difference between today’s competition and the previous two events, Gu said, “EVERY time I compete, I try to do my best. Everyone on the court is very good, so I can’t guarantee whether I can win the gold medal today, but I really hope to win the gold medal.So there’s a little bit more pressure because I know everybody expects me to win.”After the competition, the athletes took a group photo.Global Times reporter Cui Meng took this Winter Olympics experience, also let Gu Ailing grow up a lot.”I take every competition as a learning experience,” she said. “It was very important for me to grow up because I was a child and it was a great learning opportunity to experience such a life experience at the age of 18.”The freestyle skiing women halfpipe skills competition, in addition to Gu Ailing, Zhang Kexin, Li Fanghui two Chinese team players also have a good performance.Gu believes there is still a lot of room for Chinese athletes to grow in freestyle skiing.”I also know a lot of the athletes from the national team who didn’t make it to the Winter Olympics, and they know a lot about freestyle skiing and their love for the sport is real, which also motivates me.”