The wife points to the map to say: I don’t care, you must earn money!I’m going to visit these four islands in my lifetime

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Preface: I am a travel person, and my wife is not only a travel person, the body still has more serious “travel obsessive-compulsive disorder”.For example, she doesn’t care about designer bags, clothes or cosmetics. These days, in addition to Bing Dwen and Gu Ailing at the Winter Olympics, she is also concerned about Ukraine.Don’t get me wrong — my wife doesn’t know much about international affairs and doesn’t stand for much.She just doesn’t want A real war between Russia and Ukraine.The reason is that she has travelled to every country in Europe except Ukraine.She worries about when she will be able to travel to Ukraine to complete her European travel puzzle.This is not the end of the original photos, a few years ago my wife bought a map of the world, it hung in my study, and then with a red pen on the map circled four circles, pointing to the map said: I don’t care, you must make money!I’m going to visit these four islands in my lifetime!I fixed a look, could not help but hit a shiver!Damn, a trip to any one of these four islands isn’t cheap!But all down, really can boast.Don’t doubt a travelogue’s choice of islands: The Faroe Islands, Galapagos, Bermuda and Easter Island.Here’s the thing: we’ve done the first two;The last two haven’t gone yet, but they’ve already made a travel guide early.Well, the Faroe Islands may have a “French” name, but they don’t belong to France;Just as the Taj Mahal does not belong to Thailand even though it has a Thai character.The Faroe Islands are part of Denmark, and if you want to take a road trip to the Faroe Islands, you not only need to get a Danish visa, but you also need to make a special statement when you get one: I’m going to the Faroe Islands.The Faroe Islands are not big, 80,000 sheep, 50,000 people.The roofs of traditional houses on the island are covered with earth and grow green turfs.It is said that the mowing of the lawn on the roof is done by sheep.After all, there are more sheep than people.The Faroe Islands may not be big, but they are national Geographic’s “Best islands to visit in the world”!It was quiet, beautiful, uncontested, like another world — no matter how many years it had been alone in the sea, safe in its beauty, indifferent and even secretly happy in its unknown loneliness.Why do we want to travel to the Faroe Islands so badly?Meet the slogan of the Faroe Islands Tourism Board — unexplored nature, untold stories, untamed ambition.After the trip, I found that none of these three sentences was an exaggeration!It is an island that rarely sees the dark in summer — 20 hours of sunshine in June, July and August. If you want to photograph a sunrise, you have to stay up; if you want to photograph a sunset, you have to die.It’s an island where you see two rainbows a day in the summer — the worst thing on the island is the weather forecast, and the weather department doesn’t take blame for telling you to wait an hour and that’s what I’m predicting.Because the weather is unpredictable, sunshine, fog, rain, rainbow freely switch, east sunrise and west rain is the norm.It’s an island that drives photographers crazy — it’s always windy and rainy, with 260 rainy days a day;You won’t find a perfect sunny day for the remaining 100 days, which are all indicators of cloudy days.However, there are very lovely puffins on the island, also called good birds.The island has a world-famous backpacker trail.The scenery of the island is not only very unique, but also unique!Finally, get out early — farrow’s friends outside the travel world have their eyes on him anyway.Once a good destination is known, the guide’s flag will circle the territory.Imagine sheep and beauty in front, loudspeakers and thermos on the left, loud voices and flowing shawls on the right…A dozen years ago, I saw a documentary about a very special place.That slightly difficult to say the name of the place immediately implanted in the mind, become permanent residents, never leave.I remember the big red airbags of frigate birds, the goofiness of land tortoises and Darwin going there with the British army as a young man.Darwin saw eaten elephant tortoise shells stacked randomly on ships and noticed that the markings on the shells differed from island to island, which led him to think about natural selection and survival of the fittest.Decades later, he wrote his famous book on the Origin of Species — Darwin said the island was the basis for the origin of species, but he himself never had the chance to return to it.Thanks to the Origin of Species, the archipelago has earned the nickname “The place where Darwin said Goodbye to God”.They’re called the Galapagos Islands, and they’re in the ocean west of Ecuador, and they’re part of the country, but they’re totally independent.The Galapagos islands are filled with amazing animals and unique landscapes, and their uniqueness is like a magnetic field that summons the wildest side of our hearts, driving us to express our curiosity and longing.The main attraction of the island is all kinds of magical animals!Examples include Galapagos tortoises, blue-footed boobies, Marine and land iguanas, redstone crabs, gorgeous frigate birds, equatorial penguins, flamingos, lava lizards, pelicans, cormorants, albatrosses…And the island’s ubiquitous sea lions, who wait to be fed at the fish market, commandeer pier access, sleep on shaded benches, swagger past swimming children or snooze lazily on the deck.What is remarkable is that most of the animals on this island are not afraid of people, and even like to be close to them, for this is a place where no American Indian has ever been.And of course no one is hurting them now.In addition to the flying and crawling animals, the underwater world of the Galapagos is just as exciting!While diving you’ll encounter sharks, rays, seahorses, sea lions, sea turtles, Marine iguanas, and a variety of other fish that you can’t name.The Galapagos islands are one of the world’s most famous diving destinations – because they are home to the eastern Pacific Ocean and three major ocean currents, they are rich in Marine life.At the same time, the islands are the richest cetacean hotspot in the world and the most important cetacean habitat in the Pacific.Here we go!The biggest bonus is that you can have fun without a scuba license – there’s no need to dive!It doesn’t matter if you can’t even swim!Because the above Marine animals, just snorkeling can be at a glance!Anyway, we were diving, diving, diving, suddenly from under the belly up a sea lion, cute cute face to face with us;Or suddenly there are four or five sharks cruising underneath, with a casual attitude that doesn’t take us seriously…Incidentally: Ecuador offers visa-free access to Chinese citizens;Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is also a particularly worthwhile destination.When it comes to Bermuda, many people will immediately think of a theme — Bermuda Triangle!Perhaps many people do not know that the Bermuda Triangle is actually a geographical area of about 2000km on each side surrounded by Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico, but they can immediately think of paranormal events, missing planes, alien mysterious bases, shipwrecks, hurricanes, supernatural whirlpools…But a 1975 book, the Bermuda Triangle Mystery — Solved, examined the data and concluded that the Bermuda Triangle was a “myth”.The Bermuda Triangle is no more prone to accidents than any other ocean on earth.Instead, Bermuda has been a favorite destination for American, Canadian and British tourists since the early 20th century.Well, it’s worth putting Bermuda in perspective.Bermuda is the oldest British overseas territory.Bermuda is one of three offshore tax havens, along with the Cayman Islands and the BVI.Bermuda is the fifth largest shipping registry in the world.Bermuda’s combined land area is one-sixth the size of Beijing’s Chaoyang district, but its GDP per capita is one of the highest in the world and, as a result, prohibitively expensive.In terms of travel, Bermuda boasts some of the most beautiful sapphire shorelines in the world, pale pink beaches and a World Heritage town with a British touch.By the way: Bermuda travel must be through the United States or Canada, if the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada multiple tourist visa, you can land in Bermuda for 90 days.Old non I have done a good road trip, the future is bound to travel.Easter Island is the most remote island in the world. It belongs to Chile, but it’s 3,600 kilometers away from the Chilean mainland!Easter Island was given its name by the Dutch, but the island’s indigenous people actually call it “Gi-pio Gi-Henua,” which translates to “center of the world.”The Polynesians and the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Islands also call it Lapa-Nui, a mysterious name that literally translates to “the earth’s navel.”So why take a trip to Easter Island?In addition to its inclusion on the World Heritage List in 1995, of course, is to see the huge and mysterious statues on Easter Island!Easter Island is covered with nearly a thousand huge stone figures, some with a hat weighing more than ten tons!The mystery is, who carved these statues on the island?What does it symbolize?And how do they get them from the quarry to the sea, dozens of miles away?The question remains unanswered.Easter Island is known as “the most mysterious place in the world” — these huge stone statues are part of the island’s mystery and part of its beauty.Conclusion: Every person who deeply loves traveling has his own distance and world he wants to see in his heart.Having already traveled to more than 90 countries, these are the four islands we currently want to visit — two already and two more on the way.Yes, travel must be an expensive proposition.Fortunately, we don’t have any other luxury hobbies. Our biggest hobby in life is traveling.Try to walk as much as you can.And walk until I can’t walk any more.