As there is love | many measures to prevent to power the returning sleet freezing weather

2022-07-30 0 By

Recently, Lanzhou ushered in strong snowfall weather, continuous low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather led to frequent snow and ice accumulation on roads of Dingyuan Town, High-tech Zone of Lanzhou, seriously affecting driving safety.To ensure smooth road, convenient pedestrian travel.Dingyuan town Party Committee, the government organized party members volunteers to carry out voluntary shovel snow activities, cleaning the village, community main road and surrounding snow.In the face of snow and freezing weather, party members volunteers are full of energy, pick up a shovel and broom, shovel shovel, sweep sweep;Although the cold wind is extremely cold, we are still enthusiastic and have no intention of retreating. We melt the ice and snow with enthusiasm and warm the hearts with love.After several hours of careful cleaning, we have created a safe, unimpeded and convenient travel environment for the masses.Through this snow clearing and ice removal operation, not only make the villagers and residents of the area travel more safe and smooth during the Spring Festival, but also promote the spirit of party members and cadres to serve the people, but also enhance the cohesion of the volunteer service team of party members.