Bear electrical appliances: the company’s cooperative warehouse fire accident, the value of the damaged goods about 55 million yuan

2022-07-30 0 By

IT home on April 5 news, today evening, bear electric appliances announced that the company received cooperation warehouse warehouse supply chain on April 2 sent “about xiangtan City Jiuhua economic development Zone warehouse warehouse warehouse fire situation.”According to the statement, a fire broke out at around 9:40 a.m. on April 1 at a warehouse located in the Comprehensive bonded zone of Jiuhua Economic Development Zone in Xiangtan city, Hunan Province, causing damage to the company’s inventory.After the fire broke out, the local fire department immediately arrived to implement rescue, in the local fire emergency department and other departments to fight the fire, the fire has been put out.The fire did not cause any casualties. Currently, the cause of the fire accident is under investigation and verification. Zhongcang Supply Chain has applied for property insurance from the insurance company, which has accepted the insurance, and the fire loss is being assessed.Zhongcang Supply Chain promises to take full compensation responsibility for the loss caused by the accident.IT Home learned that Bear electric appliances in the announcement, according to preliminary statistics, the company entrusted cang supply chain custody and delivery services of damaged goods worth about 55 million yuan.The company through the emergency allocation of inventory products, so that the fire accident on the recent sales and delivery of small impact.In addition, Bear electrical appliances said that the fire accident does not affect the company’s normal production and operation, the company’s business is normal.The company will launch relevant claims and settlement procedures, and urge third-party service providers to strengthen safety management to prevent similar accidents from happening again.The company will timely fulfill the obligation of information disclosure according to the progress of accident investigation and claim settlement. Please pay attention to investment risks.