Cicc: the gold market may enter a deinvestment cycle

2022-07-30 0 By

January 28 – As the world enters the post-epidemic era, the market’s investment preference for precious metals gradually weakens, and the gold market may enter a deinvestment cycle, according to a research report of China International Capital Corporation.After the recent geopolitical risk disturbance dissipates, it is judged that the process of deinvestment will continue to weigh on gold prices, and there is still room for gold prices to fall in the medium term.The current risk premium in the gold market is likely to exceed $100 / oz on the basis of declining fundamental interest rate support in the Fed’s rate-hiking cycle, despite recent volatility, gold prices have remained largely around $1,800 / oz.Maintain the first half of gold price forecast low $1600 / oz, the second half of the range of $1700-1800 / oz judgment.