Ice dun dun from “no attention” to the popular network, the operation of what?

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“Bing Dwen Dwen”, one of the mascots of the Guagua Winter Olympic Games, has been trending all over the Internet. As of February 10, the Winter Olympic Games are half over, but the topic “bing Dwen Dwen” is still trending on Weibo.Countless people wait in the “Olympic official flagship store” for pre-sale, “mascot Ice Dun Dun badge combination” has become the shop’s best-selling goods, the interface shows that more than 10 million people have paid.When Bing Dwen dwen was first released three years ago, it did not get much attention, and some netizens even expressed their disapproval.Figure source: small red book from a silent nameless mascot to the top of the whole network for goods flow, ice pier pier after all experienced what?What are the factors behind the explosion?What strategies did Bing Dwen Dwen adopt in “IP operation”?In today’s article, the operation society will talk about these problems.01 from unknown to overnight fire, ice dun dun exactly experienced what?Many netizens found that bing Dwen dwen fire as if overnight, dozens of hot search list.Even on February 6, there were nearly 20 hot searches related to Bing Dwen dwen on Weibo in one day.More than 1 million netizens flooded the official Tmall store on Feb. 4 as the Beijing Winter Olympics kicked off, leaving many accessories for bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, almost empty, according to News agency Caixin.Figure source: Taobao Olinpeak Tmall official flagship store can not buy the users have aimed on the joint surrounding, Zhihu also appeared “teach you to successfully get ice dun dun” strategy, users summed up more than 10 channels, to help you through points exchange and other ways to get ice Dun dun.Purchase winter Olympics Derivatives through China Unicom APP — WFM Mall;Learning powerful APP points exchange around ice pier pier;Wechat mini program “Winter Olympics Yili Village” points exchange;Wechat mini program “Rosendot” convertibility;In addition, a lot of scalpers are also eyeing the “Bing Dwen Dwen” business. On a second-hand platform, the price of a set of winter Olympics mascots is nearly 700 yuan, nearly three times the original price.At the same time, the commercial value of “Bing Dwen Dwen” has also affected the stock price of related enterprises as a “butterfly effect”.On February 7, the first day of the stock market opening after the Spring Festival holiday, Yuanlong Yatu and Wentou Holdings, two companies, because they are the licensed manufacturers of the Beijing Winter Olympics (participate in the production of bingdundun related surrounding), the stock market price was affected by bingdundun heat, the opening of the trading limit.Subsequently, represented by Wangfujing sales of ice pier pier around the company, enterprise stocks also rose collectively.However, in sharp contrast to the current explosion, Bing Dwen Dwen did not arouse much response when it was just released three years ago.On November 1, 2019, the official weibo account of “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games” published the news that “the surrounding mascots will be sold soon”, which received 24 comments and 27 retweets.At that time, ice dwen dwen is still a cold bench “cold dwen dwen”.Some netizens began to wonder why Bing Dwen Dwen had suddenly become so popular.On the one hand, as the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games, the popularity of the winter Olympic Games began to rise.On January 31, Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong made their debut as mascots during the winter Olympics special program of the Spring Festival Gala.”Bingdwen Dwen Douxue” went viral on various short video platforms, with videos on the topic being viewed 6.59 billion times.On the other hand, it is due to bing Dwen Dwen’s excellent “IP operation”.So, in the specific operation, what are the main strategies adopted by Bing Dwen Dwen?02 Bingdun Dun is how to rely on IP operation fire up?By analyzing the IP operation of Bingdindun, the operation company found that it mainly used the following four operation strategies to continuously improve the identification of IP and increase its topic and influence.1) Bingdun Dun IP is very recognizable, and the surrounding products are rich in style. In order to create a phenomenon IP, the creation of IP image is particularly key.In addition to strong identification and difference, it is also necessary to create strong links with users and enrich peripheral product design as much as possible to meet the needs of different people.First of all, the organizer designed a lot of categories in the surrounding categories of the selected ice blocks, which can be applied to more scenes.Bingdudun has more than 10 categories such as ornaments, bookmarks, postcards, notebooks, stamps, trolley boxes, picture frames, puzzles, badges, etc.Moreover, the organizers have carried out elaborate operations according to different age groups, such as launching two school bags for children.In terms of gameplay, keeping pace with The Times, bing Dun dun chose a lot of gameplay that young people like.Among the many products launched by Bing Dun Dun, the star product is the peripheral blind box.The blind box is sold in a “6+1” model.In addition to the regular six styles, a random hidden style was also released.In this way, it not only enriched the gameplay of Bing Dwen Dwen IP, but also attracted many users to share their drawing of the blind box in xiaohongshu and other social platforms.It is worth noting that Bing Dwen Dwen not only launched offline physical blind box, but also released online “digital blind box”.NFT exchange market nWayPlay recently announced that the “Bingdendun Digital blind box” officially authorized by the International Olympic Committee will be released soon, limited to 500 pieces.According to the official website, the box includes the official mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen, who performs various winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding.There are also two versions of the official emblem and a poster of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in the box.In addition to the blind box, the organizers also released limited edition peripals according to different themes, such as limited edition of aviation, special edition of Chinese New Year, in order to enhance the playability of IP.(3) Following the “trend”, the added value in addition to its own “national treasure panda” image characteristics, Bing Dwen Dwen is also given the “champion” attribute.On February 5, Golden Bing Dwen made his debut.Winning Olympic athletes can be awarded “jin Dun Dun”, which undoubtedly gives bing Dun Dun the special meaning of “winning”.On February 8, when Gu Ailing won the gold medal, the official blog of People’s Daily published the topic “Gu Ailing won the first gold dun dun”.After seeing Jin, many netizens said, “I only need one winter Olympics champion from Bing Dwen dwen.”As a result, Bing Dwen dwen has become associated with Olympic glory, with an increasing number of users saying they want to be the same as an Olympic champion.2) Official +KOL, social media ferment Bingdwen Dwen’s operation on social media is the reason why the popularity of the network continues to decrease and the topic continues to rise.The official weibo accounts of “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics” and “Olympic Games” released a series of bingdoundwen related topics, among which the topic # Bingdoundwen was successfully trending, with a total of 3.78 billion views.In addition to creating topics, official media also achieved “forwarding fission” through interactive forms such as lottery, winning more exposure for Bing Dwen Dwen.On February 9, the People’s Daily published a lucky draw of “Retweet Ice Pumping Dwen Dwen + Snow Rhon Rong”, which was forwarded nearly 101 million times, about 200 times more than usual.② KOL/ celebrity effect plus the explosion of ice dun dun, also not without the influence of celebrities and KOL publicity.Among them, the most special KOL is Japanese journalist Yoshido Tsujioka. In his first report, he showed his “six ice blocks” badge, and said that he had collected more than 100 ice blocks, and people gave him the title “Yi Blocks blocks”.The journalist also succeeded in creating a “dundun-fever” in Japan.On Japan’s largest second-hand trading website, a set of bingdwen Dwen dolls was even sold for nearly 5,000 yuan, nearly 10 times the original price, according to Tianxia Finance.The prince of Monaco also made his own ice pier perimeter, a topic that has been read 180 million times.Aside from these special Kols, the Winter Olympics should get the most attention from the athletes.Bing Dwen Dwen dolls frequently appear in places that athletes can contact, such as athletes’ rooms, stadiums, Olympic Games, etc.These athletes also started to promote Bing Dwen on social media, becoming bing Dwen’s “spokesmen”.Hungarian athlete Liu Shaolin said, to win an ice dun dun dun sister;Czech figure skater Natalie Taschllova, who posted her gratitude to the Beijing Winter Olympics Village Vlog, said she loved Bing Dwen Dwen very much;3) cross-border marketing, expand the influence of IP Bingdun Dun cross-border marketing can be said to play out of the flower, not only and different IP, brand joint name, its presentation is also more tricks.First of all, Bing Dwen Dwen co-branded with different brands to launch customized products or send corresponding peripheral products.For example, KFC launched the activity of “buy set meal and give ice dun dun peripheral”, the joint set meal peripheral was out of stock in some areas as soon as it was released.For example, Yili and Bing Dwen Dwen jointly launched a winter Olympic-themed ice cream called “Very Panda”.Some weibo users said: Because I didn’t buy bing Dwen Dwen key chain in a bad mood, so I wanted to buy ice cream, did not expect to see Bing Dwen dwen in the freezer, the mood is relaxed.4) To create more stories, IP characters more three-dimensional Ice Dun Dun IP operation road, is still constantly advanced, will be on the big screen, enter the “film and television circle”.According to the official news, Bing Dwen dwen will appear in the movie “Our Winter Olympics” alongside classic characters such as The bald head Qiang Qiang, the big-eared Tutu and the King of Qi.As soon as the news was released, one of the hashtags “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Skinhead Qiang” went viral on Weibo, gaining 9,172.3 million views.IP operation has become one of the most important strategies for brands and businesses to increase “visibility” and gain “business value”.It can not only incubate IP to expand its influence and enhance its brand image, but also extend and develop IP industry from it and gain rich profits.And this phenomenon is not only the winter Olympics mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen”, there are many other examples.For example, “blind box first unit” bubble mart launched “PUCKY genie”, according to this image, bubble Mart has launched 9 series, about 109 products.According to the financial report of Bubble Mart, only in the first half of 2021, the income of Bubble Mart PUCKY series broke through 100 million yuan, and IP has long become the core competitiveness of Bubble Mart.For example, some time ago crazy out of the circle “Chuansha Daji” Ling Na Belle, is also an important IP image of Disney.At one point, there were more than 13W notes on Linabelle on Xiaohongshu, and the topic was frequently searched on Weibo.Relevant data show that Disney’s peripheral products have become the revenue source second only to tickets in theme parks, and the role of IP in brand revenue cannot be underestimated.In general, bingdwen dwen’s explosive fire, in addition to the “Winter Olympics”, which is a hot factor of national concern, is also inseparable from its continuous efforts in IP operation.Whether it is the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games, or such brands as Bubble Mart and Disney, there is something worth learning in IP operation.In the future, creating high-quality IP may become an indispensable part of the enterprise or brand.Recently there are a lot of small partners private letter to “operation dry goods” to share.But I don’t have enough energy to respond to them all.I happen to have a complete resource pack of 155 hardcore articles, community operations, event planning, and more that I can give away for free.How to get it: Follow the wechat official account and reply with key words.