In addition to the standardized results, what other exams do you need to prepare for undergraduate applications in the UK?

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Mention apply for colleges and universities abroad, most of the students think of is when applying for colleges and universities need to submit the outstanding a-level grades, and language, so early to rise, the ielts scores is by examination for many times, until your satisfaction, and if the applicant’s goals in the first echelon, also tend to in order to increase their own competitiveness,And choose to carry, participate in competitions and other ways, so that their competitiveness is greater.Let’s take a look at some of the standardized scores that will be considered as part of the entrance exam when you submit your college application.The STEP exam is only for final year students and aims to test their mathematical ability. Some universities, such as Cambridge university, Imperial College London and the University of Warwick, require STEP scores as a prerequisite for some subjects.The MAT test is jointly launched by Cambridge University Admissions And Testing Service (UCAS) and the University of Oxford. It is mainly used for mathematics and computer science courses and other related courses. It is usually taken in November each year.BMAT is a compulsory exam for medical and veterinary students in the UK.This part of the TSA exam is taken by applicants from Cambridge, Oxford, University of London, and Leiden University.The above five exams are in addition to standardized scores, different schools and majors will have additional requirements. Which ones have you participated in?