Jia County Associated Press: to carry out visiting activities during the Spring Festival

2022-07-30 0 By

Henan Economic Daily reporter Liu Fengmei correspondent Jia Wanpeng in recent days, jiaxian Associated Press to carry out visits during the Spring Festival condolence activities, members of the associated group led organs and departments to visit retired senior cadres, veteran party members, to send them New Year greetings and blessings.During the visit, the members of the group had a long talk with the veteran comrades, asked them about their daily life and health condition in detail, expressed the friendly care of the retired veteran cadres of the Joint Committee, thank them for laying a solid foundation for the development of Jiaxian United Press, and carefully listened to their opinions and suggestions.At the home of veteran cadre Chen Jinyou, he showed his two articles on the development of nongxin to the head supervisor liang Xiaoning and his party. Every word, full of deep feeling, he expressed the devotion of an old nongxin to his beloved cause.The supervisor told him to take care of his health, continue to support and care for the development of the association, and make suggestions for the development of the association.In the next step, Jia County Association will continue to deepen the achievements of party history learning and education, implement the “I do practical things for the masses”, and constantly improve the happiness, sense of gain and sense of belonging of employees.