Want your dog to be healthier and stay with you longer?These 5 tips to remember!

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In the past, people kept dogs for guarding the house, guarding the property and guarding the field, but now they keep dogs more for company. Dogs act as friends and partners.So how do you make your dog live longer and stay with you longer?Please remember these 5 tips!A clean and comfortable environment is one of the keys to a longer life, for both dogs and humans.If your dog just lies on the ground and sleeps, that’s not going to prolong your dog’s life.It is recommended that pet owners lengthen a small mattress and a small quilt for the dog kennel in time when the weather is cold. Such a soft and comfortable kennel can improve the happiness of the dog, and the dog can safely survive the cold winter.But when the temperature rises, it is also necessary to change the fresh and breathable mattress to the kennel in time, for fear of the dog stuffy disease.Plus, it would be nice if your pet owner took the kennel out in the sun every week to disinfect it.As the saying goes, “Exercise is life.”This is true for both humans and dogs. One way to keep your dog healthy and long is to get a moderate amount of exercise every day.But only some pet owners can do this. Dogs spend more time in cages every day, which is very bad for their health.Method 3: ensure good eating in general, a dog’s life is ten years or so, much shorter than the human, but if the pet dog master can guarantee good eating habits, do not give the dog eat salty oil leftovers, balanced dog body different nutrients, promote gastrointestinal digestion, accelerate the metabolism of the body, let the dog dog body keep a relatively young state.In order to avoid the dog diet salty hair, malnutrition affect the health, it is recommended that pet owners change a comprehensive nutritional light dog food as the staple food, which can not only ensure the dog’s body nutrition, but also can lay a foundation for the extension of life.Method four: spend more time to accompany it mood is also good or bad can affect the length of life, if the dog mood is very bad, will bring unexpected harm to the body, appetite loss, physical decline, easy to get sick and other problems followed.And the dog is the most happy time is the owner of the moment, the dog mood is good, appetite will increase, body nutrition can keep up, the dog’s health, life extension is not “easy to pick up”?Poop shovelers can also interact and play with their dogs with some healthy and delicious dog snacks, such as “Gluttonous goat cheese”, which is made from high-quality goat’s milk from Inner Mongolia. It has better nutrition and is safer without additives.Extending your dog’s life not only requires attention to health and care at a young age, but also to care for your dog as it reaches old age.Especially in the dog full seven years old just began to enter the old age of this period, all aspects of the dog body function began to decline, the amount of exercise should be appropriately reduced, but also pay more attention to the prevention of old dog joint bone problems, calcium is necessary;Digestive function of elderly dogs is also declining, so food should be easy to digest, good quality dog food.It is suggested that pet owners can learn more about different dog food and choose the most appropriate one for them, such as “food that is not satiated with food”. The raw materials are of high quality and check the health and safety of dogs from the source. For example, chicken, duck, beef, cranberry, pumpkin and other raw materials are selected by dachang, with multiple screening, pet owners can rest assured;Dog food nutrition is through scientific collocation, more in line with the dog body digestion and absorption system, for the dog to create a more comprehensive nutritional supplement environment, for the dog “longevity” to lay the foundation!Although dogs only have a short life span of more than 10 years, I believe that as long as pet owners follow these 5 ways to treat their dogs seriously, they will certainly make them accompany you for a longer time.