Anhui pigeon King born!The man called on the whole school to witness his love, but he chickened out

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It is the nature of human beings to love excitement and not to think too much of it.It’s not hard to see that both boys and girls are gossipy by nature.Girls love to read entertainment gossip and gossip with their girlfriends.Boys like to watch news and search hot, although the materials are different, actually belong to information “gossip”.Not only that, some people can’t help but comment and express different opinions to show their wisdom.Students and teachers at Huaibei University of Technology in Anhui province were stood up because they wanted to join in the fun.Put hundreds of people “pigeon”, the man is also fierce, we named him “pigeon king”.At Huaibei University of Technology in Anhui province, the man planned to confess his love to his girl at 8:50 PM, asking the whole school to witness their love.The man posted his appeal on the school’s forum. Soon, the news spread all over the school, and everyone was waiting for the moment.The man said he had prepared the roses and chose to express his love in the middle of the school playground, where there was enough space for teachers and classmates to “watch”.Everything is ready, everyone is waiting for the hero and the lucky girl.02. To the man’s surprise, so many people paid attention to his plan. Hundreds of people came to the school playground.The man lost his nerve at the spectacle.The time has come to 9 p.m., the two “leading men and leading women” did not appear, everyone began to be a little disappointed.It wasn’t until around 9:30 that it dawned on everyone that they’d been stood up and there was no way they were going to show up.Therefore, we naturally think that the man put everyone’s “grid”, to him installed on the “pigeon king” title.The man explained that he was actually in the crowd, but he just “chickened out” and was too scared to go on stage.Bag ready roses, also did not dare to take out, because their beloved “girl” did not arrive at the scene.The man sends the information to call the girl to see others vindicates, sent a lot of, the girl replies only: “not, I tonight occupy!”Turned down the boy’s invitation.The girl’s refusal also led to the failure of the “public confession”.Blowing everyone off is what the man has to do.Who is Right and Who is Wrong From the girls’ point of view, they do not sympathize with the man.Love is mutual, not to say that you want to express, the girl must accept?For a man to confess his love to a girl in front of hundreds of people feels like moral kidnapping.Even if a girl doesn’t like a man, she may say yes under pressure from everyone.The man didn’t tell her she was the leading lady. It’s worth noting that the man just asked the girl out to watch the fun and didn’t tell her the truth.Even if a girl really likes a guy, she might not be able to come.If you really want to confess, the man at least know that the girl will agree to the situation can be carried out, rather than “make a surprise”, which is a shock to the girl, not a surprise.The male students’ opinion is that men are too timid.If the girls don’t show up, you can stand up hundreds of people, which is not what a man should do.When the girl refused to come to the scene, the man should call her directly to tell her that tonight is his confession, give her ten minutes to consider.If the girl really don’t come, that two people probably really have no chance.But the man to give you an account, the rose to the scene of the girl, one person, can not lose the man’s bearing.The reason why students like to see others vindicate, in fact, is the yearning for romantic love on campus, see others fall in love, his heart also feel sweet.Plus the closure of the school, in fact, staying in the dormitory is very boring, out to join in the fun, take a walk, is also a good choice.Love is meeting the right person at the right time. A man and a girl may be destined for each other.Not really. Guys are girls ‘backup. That’s too bad.​